Thailand Pass – How to Apply For ThaiPass

Thailand Pass Registration System - ThaiPass
Thailand Pass Registration System - ThaiPass

Thailand Pass or the ThaiPass is the online system to apply for permission for quarantine free travel into Thailand for Double Vaccinated Travellers.

After almost 15 months of being locked out of Thailand due to COVID-19, the Royal Thai Government has finally decided to open up quarantine free travel for double vaccinated tourists.

As soon as I heard from friends who had successfully traversed the system, I had myself booked for a short visit to review some of the new erotic massage and nuru massage shops, while also evaluating the closures that have taken place due to this pandemic.

Preparing Your Documents

As you prepare to apply for your Thailand Pass or ThaiPass, you will need to prepare some documents in a very specific format and style.

  1. Passport Information Page – Ensure the page is clear and that code (letters, numbers and symbols) on the bottom of the page is clearly visible.
  2. Vaccine Certificate – Download your vaccine certificate that clearly shows your name and other information for both your doses. Make sure the entire page is visible clearly and if your certificate is 2 pages, convert each image separately and upload the relevant one for each of the doses.
  3. QR Codes – Using any screenshot tool (Snipping on Windows or Command + Shift + 4 on Mac), crop out each of the QR codes for both of your doses. This is a key step in getting a really quick approval!
  4. SHA+ Hotel – Initially I booked a SHA+ hotel using Expedia, however it seems that this is not enough. So I went to the hotel website directly and booked a “Test and Go” package that included my stay for the first night, RT-PCR Test, Meals, Airport transfers, etc. For the remaining nights of my stay, I booked the same hotel at a much cheaper price from Expedia.
  5. Insurance – While initially I had booked a normal travel insurance that had coverage of 5 million $, this was rejected since it did not specifically mention COVID-19 coverage and the insured amount in the certificate. To avoid delays, I went and purchased AXA Thailand’s Covid-19 Insurance, which is specifically for ThaiPass applications.

If any of your documents are in PDF, you can use an online PDF to JPG converter to download them as JPGs in high quality.

Applying for your Thailand Pass or ThaiPass

With all of my documents ready, cropped and converted to JPG, I went to the Thailand Pass registration system and started filling in the relevant forms. Make sure to select “Exemption from Quarantine (Test and Go)” if you want to avoid quarantine.

Once I finished the form, I received an email with my “Access Code”, which was to be used for checking the status of my application.

An hour or so after I started the application, the status page showed Approved and I was able to download my QR code. However, they say that typically this can take from 3 to 7 days.

Contacting Thailand Pass or ThaiPass Support Teams

Although my own experience was straight forward, I have heard from many others that contacting their local embassy or the support teams helped speed up their process. I only recommend this if your flights are coming up very soon and you are getting very nervous 🙂

Thailand Pass Customer Support

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