About ThaiGogoBar.com

I’m Richard and I decided to start ThaiGogoBar.com because I couldn’t find any great website with honest and genuine reviews in Bangkok and Pattaya. Most of the other popular websites that I would read had become very commercial and only did marketing and promotional content for their partners.

So this blog started as a bit of an experiment, in-part to document my adventures but also to push myself to try new, unusual and exiting offerings.

All of the reviews that I publish on this website are genuine, my own personal experiences and paid for by myself to ensure an honest unbiased opinion.

If I’m promoting any particular bar, event or shop either on this website or on our social media – Its only because I like them and want to encourage great services like theirs and not for any commercial interest.

Reaching Out To Us

If have any ideas, suggestions or collaboration opportunities, feel free to reach out to us through any of the following channels.

Email: ThaiGogoBar.com@gmail.com
Line ID: ThaiGogoBar