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Dozo Nuru Massage

Dozo Massage Girls

Dozo Nuru Massage in Bangkok is a small Japanese style shop inside the S33 Hotel Courtyard.

Dozo Massage has been around for many years, earlier focused as a PSE Massage Shop but recently rebranded into a Nuru Massage Shop. As you approach the shop, you’ll need to go up the stairs of the S33 hotel and you should find the shop on your right in the courtyard.

Their website doesn’t show any photos or have much information, but their Twitter and Line groups share fairly accurate photos of the girls (some with and some without their faces).

As you enter, you’ll hear a small bell ding in the back and the receptionist will run over to greet you and welcome you into the shop. You’re offered a drink and shown the menu. After you select a service, the line up is called and you can choose a girl for your session.


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Address: 9 19-20 Soi 33 Sukhumvit R0ad,Klongton North, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Price: 2400 baht (60 minutes Shower Room), 3400 baht (60 minutes in Nuru room)

The Girls at Dozo Nuru Massage

I looked at the line-up, about 6-7 girls in total and many of them were beautiful and my type. They had some spinners, some larger girls – a good range of pretty girls to meet the needs of different mongers. The owner recommend Nest for me and as always – I go with the owners recommendations. They know their girls best 🙂

Nest was dressed in a dark red dress, she was a bit older (probably 25-28), not a spinner but with nice handful breasts.

The Ambience at Dozo Massage

As you enter the shop, its exactly what you expect from Japanese style Nuru Massage Shops. Nice, Clean, Well Decorated with a little sitting area and a reception desk.

Nest held my hand, handed me a drink and started leading me up the stairs. At floor 3, she joked and said only a few more. At floor 5, we were finally at our room. A well maintained room decorated like a hospital room. Perfect for some naughty nurse play.

The Nuru Massage Experience at Dozo Nuru Massage

Once inside the room, Nest stripped me down and had me wait while she inflated the mattress, made the Nuru gel, etc. For about 10 minutes I was just sitting by myself on the bed, naked and scrolling on my phone.

Once everything was setup, Nest joined me and stripped naked. Certainly not a spinner, but she had nice handfuls for tits, the kind that are beautifully hanging (not sagging) and make for the perfect pair for a great Nuru experience.

She had me lie down face down on the mat while she bathe herself. After a while, she tossed some warm Nuru water all over me and started the massage.

The Nuru self followed pretty much what you expect – rubbing, touching, caressing – but Nest was amazing. Her tits felt incredible on my back, she knew just how to do the perfect glides across my body and somehow managed to always grab my cock while sliding each time.

The Sex at Dozo Nuru Massage!

By the time she had me turn over, I was erect and ready to go! She finished the Nuru massage and continued to playfully tease my cock the whole time. I was ready to blow!

And blow she did, unfortunately a covered blowjob – but it was great. After a while, I jumped on top and went into some classic tit fucking to enjoy those lovely tits. I finished in the bag.

We spent the next 15 minutes in the Jacuzzi with Nest massaging me and me enjoying and exploring her body. There wasn’t enough time left for my second shot but it was still a great session.

Final Thoughts on Dozo Nuru Massage

Nest was exceptionally good at the Nuru Massage, while she could’ve sped up the setup process a bit to accommodate the second shot all-in-all I think it was a fantastic session and I would be happy to repeat.

Definitely one of the top Nuru massage experiences in Bangkok.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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