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Kawaii Massage Bangkok

Kawaii Massage Bangkok

Kawaii Massage Bangkok is an Adult Erotic Massage shop in Bangkok. They were previously known as Princess Massage and have recently renovated and rebranded.

As the name suggests, they offer Japanese style Nuru Massages. They are located on Soi 20, just a short walk from the Phrom Pong BTS Station.

Along with Nuru Massages, they also offer AV Massage and Oil Massage.


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Update On My Experiences with Kawaii Massage Bangkok:

My experience with Kawaii Massage Bangkok has largely been negative so far. Initially I made an appointment for 12 PM and showed up around then to find the shop closed and no response on the Line accounts.

I always give any shop two chances before publishing a negative review – I think its only fair. Eventually around 1:30 PM they got back to me – no apology provided – and suggested a visit at 3:00 PM instead.

At 2:-0, I was informed that they were unable to track down one of the girls I had booked and would recommend some others for my visit. As of 3:00 PM, I never heard back from them.

Based on my experience, I would not recommend or suggest visiting this particular shop. I would strongly recommend you check out my list of the Best Nuru Massage Shops in Bangkok instead.

Address: 392 33 Sukhumvit 20 Klong Toei, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Price: 3000 baht (60 minutes), 3500 baht (90 minutes)

The Girls at Kawaii Massage Bangkok

Based on my experience dealing with this shop, I suspect a lot of bait and switch is happening. I was originally booked with Gigi and Aoffy based on their suggestion, however later on they were unable to track down Aoffy. This usually suggests that these girls are not working full time at the shop but are only called in as needed.

Generally in my experience, such shops don’t have a consistent service level or quality of girls.

The word kawaii means cute in Japanese, while many of the ladies in the photos definitely seem cute, I suspect there is a fair amount of touch up and filter apps involved for that end result.

The Ambiance

The shop is located in a small Alley on Soi 20 towards the end of the road. The shop has a fairly generic black door with some fairly generic black and white interiors inside.

Final Thoughts on Kawaii Nuru Massage Bangkok

Based on my interactions and attempts at making a booking at Kawaii, I am not very optimistic about the service levels or staff present.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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One thought on “Kawaii Massage Bangkok

  1. Hey Rich. Thanks for your great reviews on all of the nuru shops here on this site. It’s been a great resource for me planning my first Thailand trip in March for two weeks. I’m really looking forward to my first nuru massage experiences, it has been an unfulfilled fantasy of mine for well over a decade at this point.

    I have a question though and I haven’t been able to find the answer through Google or elsewhere: Are you generally permitted to bring your own condoms to these nuru shops? I have a specific brand that I much prefer to any others(skyn elite). Also, is it safe to assume that BBBJ is the standard BJ in Bangkok nuru shops?

    Last question, ive narrowed my prospective shops down to Kokoro, Daisy Dream, Doki Doki, and Aya. Which of these would you recommend above the others? Is it worth it to try out all of them, or pick one and go for multiple trips?

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