Bar Fine & Drink Prices in 2024 – Bangkok

Long time mongers know that Bangkok bar fine & drink prices had shot through the roof a few years ago. After the pandemic and lockdowns, the prices seem to have taken had significant increase to make up for lost time. For those that are new to the game, this price list will help make you sure are not taken advantage off.

Don’t forget, everything in Bangkok is negotiable!!

Drink & Bar Fine Prices in Nana Plaza – Bangkok

Angelwitch Gogo Bar7001851702-3K4-5K12
Spanky’s Gogo Bar7001701702-3K4-5K15
Geisha Gogo Bar *#1000170165 2-3K4-5K40
Butterflies *8001701402-3K4-5K60
TwisterBKK 10001851652-3K4-5K
Billboard *#8001851702-3K4-5K
Twister *#10001851652-3K4-5K30
Mandarin AGogo Bar (Upstairs) +#800165150 2-3K 4-5K15

Drink & Bar Fine Prices in Soi Cowboy – Bangkok

Dollhouse (Downstairs)8001801502-3K4-5K15
Dollhouse (Upstairs)8001801502-3K4-5K10
Tilac1000180180 2-3K4-5K20
Lighthouse Gogo Bar8001651652-3K4-5K12
Shark 8001801652-3K4-5K25

* Two Drinks – These bars insist that you buy two drinks for any girl that is dancing and you call off the stage.

# Double Drink – Some girls in these bars will try to order tequila along with a mixer (tequila + coke, vodka + coke etc) – both of which get billed separately. This means you would get billed for two lady drinks as opposed to one. If she asks you for two drinks, just confidentially say no and suggest she order a tall drink (no shots!).

+ Loose Billing – These bars don’t have a computerized billing system and as such they add paper bills to your bin every time you order. You need to keep an eye on these paper bills as its easy to add in a few extra while you’re not watching.

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  1. Have noticed many of the the go go bars ( twister , twister BKK and some others are playing EDM music a lot… they are becoming more like Thai clubs than go go bars. Losing the pole dancer effect big time.

    • Yup! When in Bangkok, I usually stop by Angelwitch just for a break from the EDM. They need to learn from strip clubs around the world where the girls actually dance!

  2. Not sure if I understand this ‘*#’
    ‘*’ means I have to pay two ladydrinks
    ‘#’ means the girl might buy two drinks at once…but why should I ‘confidentially say no’, if I have to pay two ladydrinks anyway?

    • Hey Hans, the bars with * have a rule that you must buy two drinks to ask a girl to come off stage. In the bars with #, the girls will always try and ask for 2 drinks, even if they weren’t dancing. If you simply say no, they will order one drink then.

    • 1000 barfine, 2 lady drinks, 3000st approx 3350 baht, or £90 for a quickie, shocking
      Go to any massage places in the uk 50/60 quid,cheaper without the travelling.
      I’ve been Thailand over 30 times and only go lt.
      Bj bars are still good value
      It’s now about as cheap in japan to go st

    • @Bob – it typically means at-least 2 fucks across a couple of hours. Most girls will stay till morning but some might make excuses and bounce around 3 am.

    • Some years ago it meant all night and a poke in the morning, not now, now its very flexible in their favor, ie 2 am phone call and they have to go for what ever concocted reason. Short time used to be around 2 hours but now its a case of getting you finish asap and then they are gone. ie on par with brothel sex. I can get much better in London for not much more money and not paying the drinks and all the other nonsense. For eg in London we have lots of Japanese, Chinese and Korean girls and often we can get reviews on them from other mongers. Works well and costs circa £150 for a full hour and get two shots.

  3. You need to distinguish between ordinary a Gogo dancers and coyote dancers. The latter are supplied on contract by a third party and cost more for both lady drinks and bar fines. It’s a con trick as they are no better than normal Gogo dancers.

    • @Stanis – You must have bar-fined one of their coyotes. Their coyotes (I believe usually in yellow or black) are 1200, while their regular girls are 800.

  4. I went to Twister in January and the barfine was 700. Returned in March and it was 1500, different mamasan too! They also ask for the full payment up front 3,000 for ST plus the barfine. The girl was hot, had tons of energy and obviously was trying hard to get me to take her and it worked. She was an absolute blast. Kept wanting to go at it even after I was drained, and stuck around for 2 hours just talking. Great conversation. I told her let’s hang out for the next 2 days and she told me to meet her at the bar. I did, and mamasan proceeded to negotiate for her. She asked for 15,000 for 2 days. It didn’t even look like the girl had a say in it. I just got the hell outta there, being that I had spent 48 hours with a coyote for 9k a few days earlier, and another for 72 hours for 10k. When I ask for at and let prices it seems like a set rate, non negotiable. Every bar I’ve been to asks for 3k/6k.

    The next night I barfined a girl from another bar, brought her to a different bar and probably drank something like 40 drinks between the two of us. Even with that many drinks, it is still way way cheaper than a night out where I’m from with the amount of drinking I can do. Is it possible to buy a bottle of tequila instead of ordering shots at a ggogo?

    • @1weekmillionaire – yea prices can vary based on what they think they can get, the time of the year, how much she is in demand etc. I recommend you should try and negotiate directly with the girl and avoid the mamasaan.

      You can definitely buy a bottle in almost all bars and it usually works out much cheaper.

  5. Are you guys bloody crazy.Paying that sort of money for a bit of pussy. Don’t go into gogo’s or beer bars. No wonder the price have skyrocketed – you fools have caused it to be so. These precious twats are not worth that much. Especially when they disappear prematurely on you.

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