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Doki Doki Massage Bangkok

Doki Doki Bangkok

Doki Doki Massage Bangkok has come a long way since my first visit when it was just a few months old. Fast forward to today, it stands tall as one of Bangkok’s best Nuru Massage spots. Founded by Nina and her partner, the service is inspired by Japanese Nuru Massage shops like Mitu Massage, where Nina and some other Doki Doki girls previously worked.

Their website features accurate photos of the girls (sans faces), and you can connect through Line ID (@cvr7230p) to inquire about working girls or make a booking.

Find them in the red building across from Paradiso 31, next to ISAO restaurant.


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Address: 3/25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, 10110, Bangkok
Price: 3000 baht (60 minutes), 3500 baht (90 minutes)

The Girls at Doki Doki Massage Bangkok

Upon entering, Nina guides you to a sofa, presenting the girls’ photos on an iPad, this time with visible faces. Alternatively, you can request a line-up. All the girls I saw were notably attractive and youthful, surpassing the average massage experience in Bangkok.

My initial choice was a 4 Hands 90-minute Nuru Massage with Nana & Helen, followed by a second visit for a 2 Hands 90-minute Nuru Massage with Kyoto.

Nana, 25, possesses a tiny spinner body, small breasts, and an incredible personality. Helen, 29, boasts an attractive fit body, medium breasts, and exceptional skills. Together, they formed a fantastic duo.

Kyoto, a bit larger with lovely breasts, abundant personality, and great English, is a nymphomaniac in the room – especially recommended for fans of Japanese porn; You can thank me later 🙂

The Ambiance

Doki Doki Massage Bangkok surprises with its tasteful decor and inviting ambiance. Nina expresses her desire to renovate and elevate the place further. Rooms, especially the one I used (room 001), are spacious with large beds and inflatable mattresses for the Nuru experience. The overall cleanliness and aesthetics surpass Bangkok’s standard.

Adding a nice touch, the girls set up music in the room, enhancing the overall experience.

The Nuru Massage Experience

After making your choice, the girls offer a drink and lead you upstairs. They swiftly strip down, revealing flawless bodies with a small, well-maintained bush. Skipping the traditional shower, they playfully soap you up with a bit of B2B massage before unleashing the Nuru gel.

The Nuru massage bit was brilliant – both the girls licked every inch of me in a synchronized manner. I mean this fairly literally – from your ear to your toes – they don’t leave an inch.

I had four breasts, four hands, two tongues, and two hairy bushes rubbing up against me at the same time – It was divine and just a bit overwhelming even!

The girls went through a fairly standardized Nuru process – Lots of licking, lots of gliding / B2B, and even a bit of rimming. They used their breasts, ass, even their bush to massage different parts of me. Eventually, they turned me around and did the same to the front of me. Although this time it ended with a synchronized blowjob from both the girls at the same time.

The Sex!

In my first experience, I opted for the full service on the inflatable mattress, creating a slippery, wet, and well-lubed environment. The second time, I chose the bed for a more traditional experience. In both cases, the girls were eager to please, ensuring a great time and multiple shots.

With 10-15 minutes remaining, Kyoto provided a delightful massage, sharing insights into her life and the challenges of finding quality sex toys in Bangkok.

Final Thoughts on Doki Doki Massage

My experiences at Doki Doki Bangkok were phenomenal. From the attractive girls and excellent service to the well-maintained rooms, I’m a fan, planning regular visits.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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46 thoughts on “Doki Doki Massage Bangkok

  1. This place is really good and cheaper compared to Mitu. I have had kyoko there. Mitu was great and had got a bit of rimming. I am always scared of slipping with the gel on, so try to fuck only on bed.

    Btw. DokiDoki is the best Nuru place i have been to yet

    1. Hey Metso, absolutely agree! I have really come to appreciate rimming after my experiences at Mitu and Doki Doki. The mat is usually a lot of fun to fuck on considering how slippery and lubricated everything is 🙂

  2. Just want to know, I am looking for Anal sex. Does any girls offer? How many shots are allowed in one session?

    1. Hey Arasan, I don’t think the girls at Doki Doki do Anal. You will have better luck at PSE massage places like Cherry, Snow White, etc. Typically it’s 2 shots to the session (60-90 minutes) but I don’t think it’s a hard limit if you can get it up more than that in the time frame.

  3. Thank you for your suggestion. I have read your review about Cherry parlour. You have low rating for “Would I Repeat”. How was your nuru massage experience with Cherry? And Your total score on Snow white or anyother nuru parlour massage for Anal sex.

    1. Hey Arasan, Snow white is very well rated and very well known, so I would definitely recommend it. I will be writing a review of Snow white in a few weeks. Cherry was more a PSE massage than a Nuru. But yes – as you saw in my review, I didn’t enjoy it too much.

  4. Waiting for your review about snow white. I might try PSE Experience and NURU. Because nuru I have just seen only on pornography videos. I want to get real experience. For PSE massage which parlour do you recommend.

  5. Following your report I’ve been there and had a 90 min session with MImi.
    She gave a good service, Nuru massage is value for money. Will definitely try it again when I go to Bangkok

  6. Hi, I need some help. I haven’t tried nuru massage ever for this reason. Can someone guide me if it is appropriate to have nuru massage with hair on my back. I am a hairy dude but I regularly shave my body once every 2 weeks but I can’t shave on my back. My hair on the back is somewhat not too much neither too less,, still enough to be called a hairy back. I know I can be totally selfish but I always consider ambiance and put a always consider for the partner. As the girl kiss all over the body and lick, so is that fine that I can go for the nuru massage? Kindly give your verdict. Thanks

    1. @Zee – I don’t think the girls will mind but I’d get my back shaved if I were you. The Nuru or massage gel can sometimes knot up hair which of ends up being painful.

    1. @Zee – Yes most girls slide the condom on either with their mouth or hands. Mattress sex is definitely a lot of fun but I eventually move to the bed for more traction 🙂

  7. @rich hi, have been following your posts since lockdown days. Although i am not new to BKK scene, i would like to know if there is any massage parlor that caters to fetish like golden shower? Give/receive or both

  8. First of all, I need thanks to @Rich for his amazing review and details. Today I went to this place and it made an unforgetable experience for me. I select MIMI for 90 min service and start to end she put her all effort to keep me high. Her skill was unbelievable and make me addicted to visit there everyday 🙂

  9. Hey not sure if it’s still relevant, but do they just stop after like 1/2 shots? I’m pretty inexperienced so im probably gonna have a few :/ or do they expect extra payment?

    1. After 2 shots, they’ll probably turn you around and suggest a nice relaxing massage. Don’t worry about it too much, they know how to take care of you 🙂

  10. Hi do the girls in dokidoki also offer a bi double experience – in do they play with each other as well as the customer?

  11. Just a doubt
    Is blow job during nuru process is counted a shot, after blow job can we get a another shot after the nuru process ends

  12. Can you tell me do they accept international credit card for payment? Or any Nuru massage accept credit card?

  13. Thanks a lot for your wonderful help.
    I will definitely go to doki doki.
    But Can you pls help me to choose one of the following:
    1. Daisy Dream
    2. AYA

    1. @Pro,

      I’m glad you enjoyed Doki Doki! Daisy Dream and Aya are owned by the same folks, so fairly similar experiences, go with whichever has a girl you like 🙂


  14. Visited doki doki today. Due to lots of jerking off and death grip I cant cum, but the girls worked so hard. I booked emmy(emily) and spy, I was mesmerised by spy, the way she flirted, the way she looked. They worked so fucking hard to please me. Incredible job by both of them, any normal guy would have finished 10 times for sure. I need to take care of my dick and get it to normal, and then I am definitely booking Spy. She was just incredible and her skills are mind blowing. She was so good. I can probably say this 100 times. Emmy was great too but spy was just my type. Anyone who is hesitant should definitely visit this place.

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