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Kokoro Massage Bangkok

Sexy Students at Kokoro Massage

Kokoro Massage Bangkok, a hidden gem in the heart of Bangkok’s Japanese District on Soi 23. Established in July 2020, Kokoro has quickly become a hot spot for those seeking a unique and titillating experience. If you’re on the lookout for something beyond the ordinary, read on to explore what sets Kokoro apart.

Kokoro differentiates itself from other similar shops with its sexy outfits, themed rooms, AV massage offerings, sexy costumes, etc.

Their website shows fairly accurate photos of the girls (without their faces). Message their Line ID (Kokoro23) to know which girls are working today or make a booking for you.


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Address: 116/2 Soi Sukhumvit 23 Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Price: 3900 baht (90 minutes)
Line: Kokoro23
Kokoro Massage - Reception
Kokoro Massage – Reception

Key Differences at Kokoro Bangkok

I thought I would a bit talk about some of the interesting new ideas at Kokoro Massage.

The Girl’s Uniforms: At Kokoro, be ready for a visual feast as the girls don sexy uniforms – think blue jackets, short skirts, and alluring lingerie. The first impression itself sets the tone for an exiting session ahead.

The Rooms: Dive into a world of fantasy with themed rooms like the Japanese Room, Thailand Room, Jungle Room, and even a Classroom. Each room is meticulously designed to elevate your experience, ensuring you’re in for more than just a massage.

The Service: Kokoro adds a twist to the traditional Nuru Massage script by introducing an extra focus on rimming. A specially designed stool enhances this experience, promising a memorable session that pushes the boundaries of pleasure.

The Girls at Kokoro Bangkok

Step into Kokoro, where the reception exudes a high-end spa vibe. The girls’ photos, displayed on an iPad with faces visible, make choosing your companion a delightful experience. These girls are a cut above the rest, ensuring your time at Kokoro is nothing short of extraordinary.

The first time I visited the shop to write this review and decided to book Nicole and Julia for a 90 minute session. A few days later I returned to the shop because I enjoyed my experience and had another session with Nene.

Nicole is simply gorgeous and has large fake tits while Julia younger, kinkier and has medium natural tits.

Update for Demi & Nabi: I went in for another round, this time with Nabi and Demi. Nabi was large, had saggy tits and a bit of a stomach on her. Demi on the other hand has a great body, nice small puffy tits, great pussy and a cute face.

Demi was absolutely fantastic, while Nabi was absolutely terrible. In my notes that I usually type out after the session it says, “Nabi: Not even with somebody else’s cock”.

The Ambiance

The shop is beautifully designed, spacious and you can see that they have really invested into the interiors.

Kokoro doesn’t just stop at attractive girls; the ambiance is equally enticing. The beautifully designed and spacious shop, complete with themed rooms and an array of costumes, caters to diverse interests and kinks.

VIP rooms like the Red Room provide a luxurious setting for an unforgettable experience. It includes a large bed, a sex chair (tantra chair), a lovely jacuzzi and of-course a Nuru Mat. There was also a large selection of dungeon gear, but I’m not sure if thats only for decor or for play as well.

The Nuru Massage Experience at Kokoro Massage Bangkok

Once you’ve made your choice, both the girls guided me up the stairs and to the costume rack to pick up some costumes for them to change into. Nicole picked a french maids costume, while Julia picked some sexy lingerie.

Once in the room, the girls stripped down from their blue jackets and helped me get undressed. They setup some music as well to help with the ambience. Both the girls stripped down quickly and revealed absolutely gorgeous spinner bodies.

I remember distinctly watching these two beautiful girls with long black hair and tiny waists setting up the Nuru Massage for me and thinking about how lucky a man I was 🙂

The girls guided me over to the Nuru area and very sensually started washing me with a combination of their bodies and loofahs. This was a much sexier experience than most other massage shops where they give you a quick rinse down.

Once finished, they had me sit down on a plastic stool and gave me a rub down with their wet, naked bodies. While Julia alternated hot and cold water in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob, Nicole laid down under the stool and started with an incredible rimming experience.

Let me take a pause right here and tell you, this moment will definitely play back to me while on my death bed.

Threesome at Kokoro Bangkok
Threesome at Kokoro Bangkok

The combination of Nicole’s tongue playing with my asshole, and sensation of Julia blowing me with hot water in her mouth was almost a sensory overload and I was genuinely afraid I would blow my load early.

Anyway, I maintained my composure and did not shoot my shot. After this, we moved onto the Jacuzzi, where Nicole got in with me and continued with the blowjob, while Julia got behind me and gave me a great massage.

After this, we moved onto the Nuru Mats and we started with one of my favourite things in the world – A perfectly synchronised double Nuru Massage.

Both the girls started sliding around in perfect synchronisation, giving me a cat bath, taking turns continuing to rim me along with what they called a pussy massage and an ass massage. They were also incredibly playful and both of them took turns to tease and play with my cock throughout the massage.

The Sex at Kokoro Massage Bangkok!

After all of that, I needed to fuck both of them right there and then; so I did. After I flipped, the girls started a beautifully synchronised double blowjob after which I asked Nicole to hop on, while Julia sat on my face and let me lick those delicious juices off her. I took turns fucking both the girls with the other finally finished inside Julia while Nicole sat on my face and licked my cock each time it slid out of Julia.

After finishing and collapsing into each other, we cleaned our selves up and moved onto the bed. Both the girls changed into the outfits they had chosen earlier and joined me on the bed.

They started with a double blowjob again to get me going and soon enough I was fucking Nicole with Julia licking my nipples and sitting on my face. After a bit, I switched to Julia and we got onto the Tantra Chair (Sex Sofa) and were able to try a bunch of different positions.

After this, I got another BJ from both of them and finally finished inside Nicole.

I was spent.

A quick massage later, we had bit of a quick chat and I was on my way for some spicy Ramen down the road.


Final Thoughts on Kokoro Massage Bangkok

Both my experiences at Kokoro Massage Bangkok were absolutely incredible. I genuinely enjoyed some of the new changes they have introduced to the traditional Nuru Massage. I loved the costumes and uniforms, the rooms are exciting and the service was impeccable. Kokoro will be one of the first shops I call when I land at Suvarnabhumi.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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35 thoughts on “Kokoro Massage Bangkok

  1. I have one afternoon in Bangkok next month so I need to pick the right place. For the hottest looking girls is this the best place to go? Price is not important

    1. There used to be a girl called Jessica working there… you have a picture of her in your review.
      Any idea where she is working now? As she doesn’t work at Kokoro no more…

    1. Doki Doki Massage, Kokoro Massage Bangkok, Eden Club Bangkok, Honey Massage Bangkok – these are my top 3 way experiences. The girls were bisexual only at Eden Club and Honey Massage Bangkok.

      1. thank you for all the info your site is amazing! can i ask a question? this place is good round 1030pm? i have a night but arrive late…. if not would you recommend eden? id like nuru experience but im concerned itll be too late

  2. Since I am in bangkok rn. Can you recommend me something that would be incredible? I really want to make this trip worthwhile.

    1. Hello I have a question, is rimming included I scoured their website and no mention of rimming??? Is it extra in their menu

  3. Based on the review, I was super excited about this place. In my last July23 trip, I visited this place around 7:00 pm, but only two girls were there. I was disappointed with the count. But both are look cute. Since my trip was just short, I don’t have time to visit next day. So I decided to go with 90 mins nuru session with 2 shots. The damage was 3900 THB. We went to the jungle room, the room was quite big. Usual procedure, she asked me to sit on the plastic stool, rinsing my whole body with soap and with her body. She did some slide actions on my thighs. That’s was quite fun and erotic. She cleaned my ass and balls very gently, and little bit BJ while cleaning. The complete wash and drying process. After she put the air mattress for nuru action. Applied the nuru gel, did a sliding actions along with cat bath. I expected rimming, she didn’t pay attention to that area. Then I requested, without any hesitation she gave. But it is not best. I decided to off load my first shot. I asked her to do BJ and I told her I want to do CIM. She agreed and she gave nice BJ, completed my first at in her mouth. Again cleaning up process which gave plenty of time for the next round. We moved into bed, usual routine. Cat bath, BJ and rimming. Rolled up the condom, started with missionary, cow girl, and moved into Doggy (Which is my favourite). She moaned well, then I want to finish my second load in spread leg position. While moving into this position, I could see that her cum over the condom. Looks like she too enjoyed the session. Finished my second load in the spread leg position, and again we bathed together. We were on time. Tipped 400 THB and she gave me a deep French kiss. Over all I enjoyed my session, but bit pricey.

  4. i am new to this. Are these girls usually tested for STD’s? is it safe to get a bare back BJ from these massage parlors?

    1. Most girls are tested at some frequency. Most of the girls also go through 10-15 new men every day. There is always a risk, but for BBBJ, I believe it’s negligible.

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