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Lighthouse Gogo Bar Soi Cowboy – Review

Lighthouse Gogo Bar in Soi Cowboy

Lighthouse Gogo Bar in Soi Cowboy is very well known for its Happy Hour specials, cheeky signs outside and lately for the parties they have every month. Its located somewhat in the center of Soi Cowboy – squeezed between Kiss and Fannys, across the road from Cowboy 2.

Lighthouse is best known for its happy hours and drink deals – On Wednesday they offer all drinks for 100 baht. Moreover in the last year or so they have been scheduling regular parties every month with different themes. These include the girls in various costumes, prizes, special offers on drinks, food, etc.

Prices at Lighthouse Gogo Bar

Bar Fine: 800 baht
Lady Drink: 165 baht
Beer: 165 baht
Tequila: 190 baht
Short time: 2-3k baht
Long time: 4-5k baht


Girls: 4/5
Dancing: 3/5
Debauchery: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Total Rating: 3/5

The Girls at Lighthouse Gogo Bar

The Lighthouse Gogo Bar is a fairly small bar with a single center stage that hosts 10-12 girls at a time. Most of the girls are fairly average and most of them do the Bangkok shuffle without much enthusiasm.

Everyone once in a while though you might find a stunner or a girl that is able to really dance on stage but its fairly rare at Lighthouse.

Most of the girls are dressed in either Tank Tops / Bikinis / Short Shorts. The outfits are definitely sexy.

The Staff

Service at Lighthouse is fairly quick and straight forward. I’ve rarely been bothered too much for drinks by the staff though or the girls.

The Shows

They don’t have any scheduled shows, though they have regular parties which may include performances or special surprises.

The Ambiance

Its a fairly standard small bar with two rows of stadium seating all around. I’m honestly, not a fan of their seats since there isn’t a lot of room and it feels a bit cramped. There definitely isn’t enough room to have a girl in your lap for a bit of fun.

Final Thoughts on Lighthouse Gogo Bar

Lighthouse Gogo Bar is a well known bar in Soi Cowboy. They’ve not been the best or most popular bar so far but they are well known for their deals and happy hour offers. They do seem to be working hard to promote the bar and come up with new and innovative ways of pulling in crowds. Hopefully they are able to attract some better looking, more enthusiastic girls and really up their game going forward.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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3 thoughts on “Lighthouse Gogo Bar Soi Cowboy – Review

  1. looking good!
    never been there, i wanna visit bangkok soon 🙂

    a friend of me told me about young (18-21) girls at a place called crazycat and cactus? can you do a review please 😀 also in the soi cowboy

    1. @Dan – Cactus and CrazyCat are fairly small bars that aren’t too popular, but just for you I’m going to drop in next week and write up some reviews. Most bars only have girls that are older than 21 since in Thailand a 18-20 year old can only have sex with you legally with her parent’s consent.

      Even if you find a girl that is actually 18/19, most hotels won’t let her up to your room if they check her ID.

      Check out Billboard, Geisha in Nana and Dollhouse, Shark, Baccara in Soi Cowboy if you like young, fit girls 🙂

  2. Example: “Great review, I wish I could see Imagine but , I’m just stuck at my club The Pimp Bangkok, which has similar shows to this, along with Live music, and many VIP rooms great for bachelors or private parties.”

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