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Angelwitch Gogo Bar – Review

Girls dancing on the Angelwitch stage

Angelwitch Gogo Bar is a rock themed bar located on the second floor of Nana Plaza. Its right next door to the world famous Spanky’s Gogo Bar. With about 20 girls, performances and rock music – its a great place to grab a beer and watch some girls dance.

Address: 2nd Floor Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok, Thailand


Bar Fine: 700 baht
Lady Drink: 180 baht
Beer: 160 baht
Tequila: 220 baht
Short time: 2-3k baht
Long time: 4-5k baht


Girls: 2/5
Dancing: 2/5
Debauchery: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Total Rating: 3/5

The Girls at Angelwitch Gogo Bar

Angelwitch Gogo Bar does not have a lot of pretty girls or spinners like Billboard. That being said – the girls here are a lot more adventurous and fun. Some of them really enjoy dancing and one in particular can spin on the pole like the girls in Vegas. The girls wear black lingerie, leather boots and the piece of fabric covering the breasts conveniently slides open.

The Staff

The waiters and mamasaan are friendly, but they will occassionally asks for drinks or a tip (without being too pushy).

The Shows

They carry out these performances every hour or so. Some of them can get fairly boring while others can be fun or interesting. If you’re on a bachelor trip or have a drunk mate, do tip the mamasaan and ask her to take your friend up on stage for the performance.

Performances - Shows
Performances – Shows

The Ambiance

Its a fairly average sized bar with a single main stage that can hold about 10 girls at a time. There is a small table with a pole towards the entrance that can accommodate 5 guests. They have two rows of seats going around the stage and of-course there are stools going around the stage if you would like to be on pervert’s row 🙂

They also occassionally have blow up dolls that they will throw up on stage or get a get drunk patron to molest.

Layout and Seating
Layout and Seating

Final Thoughts on Angelwitch Gogo Bar

I’ve rarely bar fined from this bar cause the girls are not usually the best looking. I do stop in often to grab a beer or spend some time listening to the great music that’s playing.

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2 thoughts on “Angelwitch Gogo Bar – Review

  1. Feels a bit dated these days. Maybe the owner could invest in a lick of paint and a half decent sound system as the music sounds like it’s being played from inside a thick woollen sock and the bar speakers regularly cut out. Either the DJ needs replacing or maybe invest in a second CD player so there’s not that 30 second gap between songs. It calls itself a rock bar but last night they were playing hiphop and thai music. It was pretty awful. The girls are very much on the butch side and I suspect not that into men. 900b barfine is too much for what’s on offer and the poor quality line up asking 3000b short time was either a joke or confirmation that the girls don’t really want to go with men

  2. I went a few time to angelwitch agogo and the prices change drastic depents on tbe girl. The music is nice and the german host is always frindly but i think they get more puschy if it comes to drinks

    After the last time on halloween they wanted 2k for barfine and the girl wanted 4k for short and 9k for long time WHAT did stunned me.. Specially i know the german host .. usally in my experiance the barfine is 700 to 1k and for long.time 3.5k to 5k depends on the girl the host is a frindlly guy only in my oppinion the attitute from some of the girls in the bare changed to the worst.

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