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Spanky’s Go-go – 10th Birthday Celebration!

Spanky's Go-Go Bar - 10th Birthday Party

Spanky’s Go-go Bar is an iconic bar located in the heart of Nana Plaza on the second floor. On the 11th of February 2019, Spanky’s is celebrating it’s 10th year of business in the go-go world.

As one of the oldest and friendliest bars in Nana Plaza – they certainly know what they are doing. They feature some of the best quality erotic shows and their 10th birthday party has some very exciting performances planned.

You can recognize Spanky’s by the world-famous foam sticks that are used to spank the girls, patrons and passersby alike. This medium bar has a single center stage that hosts 15-20 girls at a time and a shower cubicle that usually has 1-2 fully nude girls taking a sexy shower.

On most nights Spanky’s is usually packed to the rafters. So if you’re going to be attending their birthday celebration, make sure to go in a bit early and grab a seat. Do take some extra baht to gift the girls and don’t forget to take a return gift back to your hotel with you!

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