Thailand Nightlife Bingo Game

The Thailand Nightlife Bingo Game is a great way to explore Thailand. Whether its Bangkok or Pattaya – this game will make sure you cover all your bases and have a complete Thailand experience!

Each time I’ve come back to Thailand – I’ve always discovered new experiences that I have not had before. I always felt that making a Bingo game would be a great way to gamify the experience and help people try new things!

So I present to you all – the first version of the Thailand Nightlife Bingo Game. Feel free to print out a copy and hit the town tonight!

Thailand Nightlife Bingo Game
Thailand Nightlife Bingo Game

Rules of the Thailand Nightlife Bingo Game

  • You’ve got to try to get as many squares as you can.
  • The person that gets the most complete rows, columns or diagonal lines wins!
  • When in doubt – Always go for maximum crazy!
  • If you complete all the squares – Drop a comment here and I’ll buy you a beer next time I’m out 🙂
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      Buy any Gogo girl a drink and she’ll hop right into your lap 🙂 Its not nearly as much of a performance as a lap dance you would get in Vegas or any other strip club around the world though.

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