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Tara Bangkok – Soapy Massage

Tara Bangkok Girls

Tara Bangkok – An exclusive Soapy Massage club isn’t like much else you have seen in Bangkok. As your car approaches, you see a A big beautiful building, manicured lawns, well dressed door men rushing to open your car door. Visiting Tara Bangkok is more about being a member of an exclusive club than it is about getting a massage.

As you enter the large double door, you are welcomed by a reception with several hostesses and managers. You will see a large dining area facing several couches with girls sitting in a much classier version of the fish bowl. There is nice music playing in the background, a project screen playing some videos.

The reception looks at me with confusion as I walk in – I am certainly not their usual customer. I let them know I am here to see Katie, the Marketing Communication’s Director of Tara Bangkok.

I’m escorted to one of the tables near the buffet and a few minutes later Katie walks in – Looking lovely, she comes over and we chat a bit, get a drink and then head off for a tour of the establishment.

Although its a bit further away from the usual mongering hotspots in Bangkok, it certainly was worth the experience. Katie asks me to add that its “20 minutes from Terminal 21 or 10 minutes from Patpong”.


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Address: 1 Soi Phatthanakan 46, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand
Price: 6900 baht to 14900 baht (90 Minutes in a Deluxe Room)

Tara Bangkok Entertainment Complex

The club itself is more akin to visiting a grand hotel than any other Soapy Massage establishment in Bangkok. As I look around the lobby, I see about 30-40 gentlemen, mostly HiSo locals or Chinese tourists. Some are enjoying an early lunch, some are having drinks while the rest are chatting.

You can choose to call one of the girls over for a drink or a chat, before you decide on which one you would like to accompany you upstairs. Katie adds that many members can spend a fair amount of time here drinking and partying before they all head up to their suites.

Its clear to me – This isn’t the average soapy you go to for a quick massage, this is more of a gentleman’s club experience where you bring guests, clients and friends.

Katie walks me around the premise to show me all the different areas, rooms and amenities that are available to members.

The VIP Entrance & Suites

For the VIPs that want to call on Tara Bangkok but would like to avoid being seen by other guests, there is a separate VIP entrance. You drive straight into a private parking lot and take a private elevator directly into your suites.

The VIP suites are incredible – The Penthouse Suite is 6 Bedrooms includes a private Swimming Pool, A Steam and Sauna, integrated music system etc. Lets just say – it would make for an incredible bachelor party!

The Girls at Tara Bangkok

As you sit at the dining tables and enjoy your meal, drink or the company of your friends – there is a large sofa filled with girls for you to choose from.

There were lots of pretty girls available, a bout 20-25 on the sofa when I was there but Katie adds that there are anywhere from 40-100 girls available at peak hours. She recommends 2 PM as the best time to get the most girls.

I on the other hand asked Katie if she could suggest a girl for me. Katie called over a mamasaan and a few minutes later I had the absolute gorgeous Neesha standing in front of me. She is absolutely beautiful, with a really fit nice body, a cup breasts and wearing an elegant dress.

The Room – Jr Suite on the VIP Floor

At this point Katie bid farewell and Neesha took over and held my hand towards the VIP elevator. She was really good at GFE and was really focused on creating a spark or a bit of chemistry on our way up.

The room is huge – A sitting area with sofas and a large TV with a karaoke setup, a private bathroom, a king bed and a very large jacuzzi – you could definitely get 5 girls in there with you.

Once we got the room, Neesha sat me down on the sofa, took my shoes off and offered me a drink. We sat on the sofa for some time – chatting, fooling around and enjoying our drinks.

Neesha adds that many guests come and spend hours in the VIP suite – hanging out, talking, singing karaoke, etc.

Tara Bangkok Girls
Tara Bangkok Girls

The Massage and The Sex

After some time on the sofa flirting and getting a massage, Neesha led me to the Jacuzzi and suggested that we start out with a soak. She slipped out of her dress with an elegant move and revealed some beautiful A cup breasts – just perfect.

We jumped in and Neesha started by putting some soap all over me and using her body to scrub me clean. We spent some time in the jacuzzi enjoying each other and eventually she ended up between my legs and I was enjoying watching her bob up and down while relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

After the blowjob, we got out of the jacuzzi and toweled off before heading to the bed for some fairly vanilla sex. Great sex, but just a bit vanilla – No rimming, nothing very adventurous.

After we were done, Neesha offered another round but I was fairly tired since this was my second massage of the day. We spent some time chatting on the sofa, I got a nice massage for about 30 minutes and then we got dressed and started heading back to the dining area.

After a few minutes at the entrance, Neesha dropped me of at the door, gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye and went right back to her fishbowl – lineup.

Final Thoughts on Tara Bangkok – Soapy Massage

Tara Bangkok is not somewhere you go for a quick massage. Its more a gentleman’s club that you will be visiting with clients, friends, and guests.

The rooms, the service, the massage and the girls were absolutely phenomenal. Simply put – Tara Bangkok is a luxury experience for people that enjoy and appreciate the luxury private club experience.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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