Review: Body Bliss Bangkok

Body Bliss Bangkok - Massage & Escort Service
Body Bliss Bangkok - Massage & Escort Service

Body Bliss Bangkok is an outcall massage / escort service in Bangkok. Its fairly new and seems to have started around November 2018. Having first heard about them on a line group, I decided to give them a shot so that you bastards would know what to expect 🙂

I reached out to the manager on the Line chat and quickly setup an appointment with Lemon for 6 PM the same day.

Line ID: bodybliss
Phone: +66 (0) 8 8850 8589
: 2500 baht (60 minutes), 3000 baht (90 minutes)


Girls: 3/5
Dancing: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Would I Repeat: 5/5
Total Rating: 4/5

Booking with Body Bliss Bangkok

The website had about twenty girls available but I simply asked the manager to recommend a girl for me. She sent over photos of some girls she recommended and Lemon was absolutely gorgeous, so I was sold!

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical going into this booking since there weren’t too many real reviews and the price seemed too good to be true (for an escort service!).

Anyway, sharp at 6 PM, I had a call from the reception and a few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. As I opened door and to my surprise – Its Lemon and she is absolutely beautiful and dressed in a sexy dress and some very high heels with a lovely smile on her face.

As she made her self comfortable on the sofa, we had a bit of chat before she went off to grab a quick shower. She came out a few minutes later – completely naked – Which frankly I was a bit disappointed with because I do enjoy undressing a beautiful woman! That being said, she was absolutely gorgeous, so I can’t really complain.

The Sex!

The session itself was absolutely fantastic, Lemon delivered on all the promises (BBBJ, DATY, DFK, FS, 69, Multiple Positions, etc) and gave the kind of performance that can take a few days to recover from. She seems to really enjoy herself and did everything she could to make sure I was a happy man. Her BBBJ was sloppy, deep and she had just the right amounts of eye contact and the way she was riding me – it didn’t seem like she was going to get tired anytime soon!

Her body is absolutely stunning, flawless, and incredibly fit. She has amazing, large, natural tits and a very nice behind on her as well. Her face is very beautiful and reasonably accurate to the photo they provided as well.

After the first round, Lemon went on to give me a bit of a massage (which was actually good!) and then we had a bit of chat. She is quite intelligent to talk to and if you’re considering a longer booking or a multi-day booking, I wouldn’t hesitate at all with this one.

As we’re having a chat, I find out that she is 32 years old – I was beyond surprised since she didn’t look a day over 23/24. Though this explained the fantastic service she was able to provide. From what I can tell – most of the girls here seem to be a bit older – But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the service is usually much better.

Anyway – post the massage Lemon insisted on round 2 which went through a similar routine and was absolutely amazing! We both showered, got dressed and Lemon was on her way out with a quick kiss and a hug.

Final Thoughts on Body Bliss Bangkok

My experience with Lemon was absolutely amazing and almost too good to be true for the price. Between the great service, super convenience and amazing price – I am definitely going to use them a lot more frequently.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.


    • I wouldnt recommended this place at all. I booked for 2 hrs and explicitly stated via Whatsapp to the manager a special request (they avertise a number of kinky things).

      The girl was hot but thatscwhere it ended. No massage. BJ with condom for about 20seconds. She hopped on top and it ended in another 5 or so mins. When I asked for my specialv requestshe said she couldnt rven though the manager told it was no problem and all the girls fid that.

      Thr girl had a shower and left. All up she stayed for 30 mins despite paying good money for 2 hrs.

      I sent a message to thr manager straight after and got no reply.

      The place is just another rip off like any other place. I went there because the author of this article gave the impression that they were setting new standards but clearly not.

      • @Daniel – Sorry to hear that you had a crap experience. As with all shops and services – the experience can vary wildly based on the girl.

        If you’re looking for Kinky, I would recommend you look at specialist shops like Analisa or Barbar or Mistress Bangkok. Most vanilla massage shops can’t really deliver on those needs.

  1. I’m also planning to book Lemon but would definitely want to see her face before I confirm with them . And I was wondering how many rounds will we get for the price they stated

  2. Thanks for providing a well written review! The prices seems fair. I might give them a try in a few weeks when I’m back in BKK.

    Some stats (at least age/height/weight) of the girls on their web page would be helpful and common with these types of services. I’m also skeptical of services that don’t provide multiple photos to view. I’d hate to book and then have to send the girl home empty handed because she looks nothing like what was advertised.

    • @Buddy – I’ve sent your comment to the manager. I agree, it’s definitely difficult committing to a booking without a full photo and details about the girls. But honestly, most agencies lie and most photos are photoshopped – so it’s a gamble either way.

  3. I have noticed you give prices of eacy services but not mentioning tips. Bj bars to, massage patlours to Escort Lemaon above, what would be good tip examples and if the experience is average or below average what would you reccomend about tipping in these diff situations. Thank you.

    • @Osbourne, tip is upto you. There is no fixed tip exepctation. I would typically tip a couple hundred baht but again only if the girl goes above and beyond.

  4. Used the website for 3 nights in a row. Decided to give reviews to do this agent justice. Not all the girls are available as some are on “holiday”. First night lady-Nan, gave good service and was acceptably attractive.

    2nd night was Rose-a bit on the plump side, came in a bad mood due to some misunderstanding with the boss. I didn’t enjoy her.
    3rd night I booked Giselle but the agency cancelled on me last minute. I agreed for a replacement girl-Dao. She was nothing like the picture in the website! But I was lucky and she turned out to be quite an attractive girl. In good shape with C cup breasts and playful. She’s a talker and Ou will enjoy conversations with her. I’ll be back to use this agency 🙂

  5. Thanks Rich. I’m just here for fun. I don’t make things difficult for the girls or the agency. I like being discreet and so I feel this agency is doing something right in going online. I’m likely coming back bangkok before end of the year so hope the experience will improve as well.

    • @Richie Rich. I usually research hotels and email them to check if they are guest friendly. Which basically means they do not charge extra for a guest coming to your room provided they give some ID beforehand. There’s a couple of lists which is updated regularly on the internet you can check it out

  6. Any review on Som? Planning to book her. Also, does the girls do long time booking? Notice that this isnt listed in the site.

  7. 11/2019 – Requested lemon solely from this review. They said they recommend a different girl…asked for more pics, they said they didn’t have any, so they’d send Lemon (granted, they also only sent me one other pic of her, and still no face showing). After 45 mins of waiting…I was greeted with a run down looking lady. Nice enough….but NOT what I wanted or expected. Wish I could post a pic here to show. I immediately said I’d pay her taxi cab back and not need her services. (Which I negotiated with her, because the shop stopped texting me back)

  8. Hey Sanchez. I was just back from Bangkok. Also used Body Bliss and another agency as well. I used the same girl again cos of her good service last round. The thing with Body Bliss is that I suspect the girls have a lot of autonomy in working and that the bosses may not know all the girls that well. I reckon the girls at this agency are in their late 20s and early 30s

    I’ve heard good reviews of Giselle. Dao also appears quite attractive. Let me know if you need more info

    • We booked ‘Dao’. She was 43, big belly, stretch marks, scars, not the girl in the photo or 20 years old and photoshopped beyond all recognition. Avoid this place

  9. Place is a scam in my opinion. Booked a couples massage for 2 hours with 2 hot looking girls from the website. 2 ugly hags showed up. One was 43 and had massive belly cellulite and stretch marks. Other had a nice body but face of an orc. Neither of them were the girls from the photos. Explicitly asked for 2 hours with text evidence. About an hour in one of the girls was on the phone then said we had 15 minutes left what do we want to do? Explained that we booked for 2 hours but both girls insisted they were told 90 min and had another booking. Wasn’t about to make a fuss considering the types involved in this industry. One of the girls was obviously a novice as the older girl was constantly coaching her. Massage was average. Disappointing and an absolute scam.

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