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Eden Club Bangkok – Review

Eden Club Bangkok

In service since 15 years, Eden Club Bangkok is nothing short of an institution! Their massage service is fairly unique – All customers must take at-least 2 girls and the massage includes a complete porn-star experience. Rimming, Anal, Porn on the TV, Full Mirrors on 3 of the Walls, etc.

I walked past Nana BTS and turned into the small alley lined with massage parlors and blowjob bars. To be honest, I was expecting the shop to be fairly run down and the girls to be old and worn out.

Walking past some girls standing around a bar table outside, I entered the shop to find a large bar counter, a few sofas and some back rooms. The girls loitering all over the shop – most of them looking into their phone while a few looked at me curiously.

The mamasaan brings up a menu and tells me about the service before calling the girls to line up in front of me. You pay on your way out at Eden and they guarantee that you will have a great time!

Note: As much as it breaks my heart to report this, the Eden Club has shut down due to the pandemic.

Phone: +66 2 255 4672
Address: Soi Sukhumvit 7/1, Klong toei Watthana, Bangkok
Price: 90 minutes with 2 Girls - 4500 baht


Girls: 3/5
Rooms: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Would I Repeat: 5/5
Total Rating: 4/5

The Girls at Eden Club Bangkok

With 15 girls lined up in front of me, I stood there deciding which two seemed like the most fun. About 4-5 girls were on the left (which means they enjoy Anal sex), while the others were on the right. As I looked across the line up, I noticed Tukka standing there in a lovely green dress with a contagious smile. She seemed like a lot of fun and had a great body – I was sold!

At Eden Club Bangkok, you pick the first girl and she in-turn picks the second girl that she is comfortable working with. Its best to leave it this way to ensure the girls are happy with each other and will work well together.

So 26 year old Tukka, came over and grabbed my hand. She looked across the line-up and picked the lovely 22 year old Sai with a tiny body and cute face. As I later found out – she previously worked at the Star of the Light Blowjob Bar in Patpong!

To be clear though, most of the girls at Eden Club Bangkok are are a bit older unlike the young spinners you typically find at Doki Doki Bangkok or Mitu Massage Bangkok. That being said – they’re more adventurous and kinky in the room.

The Ambiance at Eden Club Bangkok

A girl in each arm, they led me through some doors into an elevator to our room a few floors above.

The room has a large king bed in the middle, full sized mirrors on both walls and on the ceiling. In front of the bed is a large media center with hard-core porn playing. I would have preferred Thai porn over watching some Europeans fuck. A fairly large shower cubicle adjacent to the bed that is large enough for two or even three girls.

Everything was reasonably clean, the air conditioning was doing a good job. As you’ll read further – I really enjoyed the layout and mirrors in the room. It really does enhance the overall experience of the session and really makes a session at Eden Club Bangkok unique.

The Foreplay

Once in the room, I ordered up some tequila shots for the girls to get things started. Sai started setting up the room while Tukka took me into the shower. She proceeded to thoroughly clean me and my asshole to prepare it for rimming.

Oh and let me add a quick note – Tukka – is absolutely “ting tong”. So expect a bit of a craziness – along with a lot of fun and laughter.

The girls laid me onto the bed and showered together while I watch. Sai is young and has a lovely body with very little fat or damage on her. Tukka is a bit older, has a bit of a belly and some damage from a surgery earlier this year. That being said – both of them had lovely bodies.

The Blowjob

Finally onto the bed – the girls laid me down with a pillow under my hips. Tukka lay flat on her belly and stuck her tongue deep into my asshole, while Sai started giving me a great deep blowjob.

Now this is where the mirrors play a big role. Its great to have 2 girls working your cock and ass, but to watch the performance from so many angles was fantastic.

The Sex!

Eventually I decided that I wanted to fuck Sai first. We started in cowgirl but eventually ended up in Doggy style looking into the mirrors. As I was pounding away at Sai – Tukka started playing with my balls and asshole. This was too much for me and eventually made my shoot my load deep into Sai.

With another 40 minutes left and I decided to rest for a bit and talk to the girls. Tukka has worked at the shop for 6-7 years and really seems to enjoy what she does. Sai worked at the famous Star of the Light Blowjob Bar in Patpong, only started at Eden Club Bangkok a year ago.

During this down time, there was actually a lot of laughter. A bit of singing “Khalid – Young Dumb & Broke” and a lot of playing around. These two girls had great personality and really worked well together. Anyway, for round two – I decided I wanted to finish in Tukka’s mouth. For the next twenty minutes, the girls took turns blowing and rimming me. Eventually I finished all over Tukka’s mouth and chin while sucking on Sai’s tits with two fingers deep in her pussy.

Final Thoughts on Eden Club Bangkok

I went into Eden Club Bangkok with low expectations, but they really surpassed them in every possible way. Both the girls had great personalities and we had loads of fun in the room. All those mirrors on the walls really added a lot to the experience as well. All in all it was a session I really enjoyed and would definitely repeat!

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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20 thoughts on “Eden Club Bangkok – Review

  1. Hey Rich, how do I finds pics of Tukka & Sui? Do you know if Tukka & Sai are still there? Going to BKK end of August & they sound like 2 girls I’d like to spend 90 minutes with.

    1. @RJ – Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of the two. I’ll get some for you on my next visit. You can ask the ladies in the lineup to introduce themselves with their name. Sai is definitely the youngest girl there so should be easy to spot.

      Tukka has been working there for a while and loves her work, so I’m sure she will still be there. She’ll probably be the one that’s giggling or has a big smile on her face.

  2. You didn’t mention anything about 2 girl action? Eden was famous for only having true bisexual girls on the books. Has this changed?

  3. Eden Club is a legend going since at least 2001 maybe earlier. Marc created a great club but the girls were older and rougher, it sounds to me that the girls looks vary at times. He sold up around 10 years ago but it’s still going strong.

  4. Apart from ambience, everything is waste of money.
    Girls 0/5
    So pathetic girls, better to go g
    For any small massage parlour and give her 2000 she will give you best service. Much better then this.

  5. After reading so many mixed reviews, i wanted to take my chances with Eden club for my first 3some. I went there around 4pm, though i didn’t find anyone attractive, which i already expected, i was assured of great performance. I selected 2 girls from either side of the line. Went into the room and was out of the room in 30mins flat, went to the adjacent bj bar (woods) for the unfinished job. It was the worst possible experience I had in Eden. Paid 5300 with drinks. Better would have taken 2 girls from any other massage parlor like Tulip.

  6. Do they provide nuru massage as well? Or do you have to go to a different place for that? Do you know any such place that does nuru massage as well as anal and multiple girls preferably bi?

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