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Mitu Massage Bangkok – Review

Mitu Massage Bangkok

Note: Mitu Massage has changed ownership and rebranded to Mitu Soap. The review as such may be irrelevant since the service and girls may have changed. I recommend trying Doki Doki Massage or Kokoro Massage in Bangkok instead.

Mitu Massage is one of the oldest and most popular Nuru Massage Parlors in Bangkok and is especially famous with Japanese tourists. This isn’t exactly a surprise though since their service is an intersection of the traditional Japanese Nuru massage and Japanese pornography.

If you’ve ever watched Japanese pornography – you will know exactly what to expect from your visit to Mitu Massage. Skinny girls, trimmed bushes, high pitched moaning, agony as she tries to take your cock in – all par for the course here at Mitu.

After my fantastic experience visiting Doki Doki Bangkok, I figured I would go visit the place that started it all – Mitu Massage and see how they hold up to their newer and significantly cheaper competition.

Although their website is currently online, the manager did mention that they will no longer be updating their website. You can now reach them either over Line, WeChat or WhatsApp to find out which girls are working, get photos and make a reservation.

The shop location is inside an alley and is a bit difficult to spot since there isn’t an obvious sign. Look out for the logo in an alley on your right as you walk into the lane off Soi 33 (see the photo below). As you walk into Soi 33, you should first see Hera Massage on the main road following which you will need to look out for the lane on your right.

Phone: +66 95 851 0672
Address: 12/22 Sukhumvit Soi 33 Klongtan-Nua, Bangkok
Price: 80 minutes - 6 * Girl - 5600 baht, 5 * Girl - 4600 baht, 4 * Girl - 3600 baht

The Girls at Mitu Massage Bangkok

The system at Mitu Massage is a little bit different than most shops in Bangkok. Each girl has a star ratings based on the demand and feedback and the price for the session differs accordingly. So you can either book a 6-star girl, a 5-star girl, a 4-star girl and so on.

On walking into the shop, you will be presented with a large iPad with photos of the available girls on it. The photos are blurred when they send them to you on Line, however, the photos in the shop do include the faces if that is important for you. Each photo also contains the age of the girl, her star rating and the number of babies she has had.

All of the photos that I saw were very attractive and young – significantly better than your average massage parlor in Bangkok. As per the recommendation of the shop owner, I set up my appointment with 5-star rated Shiho.

Shiho is 25, has a very fit body, a cute ass, lovely tits, and a very cute face. She was a lot of fun throughout the session and delivered a genuine, caring and thoughtful experience.

The Ambiance

The shop is nicely decorated and maintained well. On walking into the shop, the manager will greet you and give you a brief explanation of the system before setting you up with an iPad to make your choice. Once you’ve chosen and paid, they manager will escort you to the waiting area, where you will be offered a wet towel to cool off and an energy drink to heat back up πŸ™‚

A few minutes later, the receptionist will come to get you and hand you over to the beautiful girl of your choice. She will take you up several flights of stairs (don’t forget to admire that ass!) into a large room with a king-size bed and an inflatable king sized mattress. I particularly liked that they had 4 towels in the room so that you don’t need to re-use a wet towel at the end of your session. Oh, and if you need to use the toilet, they have a great Japanese smart toilet in the bathroom.

The Nuru Massage Experience

Once we were in the room, Shiho offered me a cold bottle of water. She then asked me to strip down while she started setting things up. A few minutes later her panties dropped to the floor and she was scrubbing me thoroughly with soap before getting the Nuru gel ready with hot water.

After laying me down on the inflatable mattress, Shiho poured some of the warm Nuru gel on my back and started rubbing it over and getting things nice and slippery.

She initially started with a bit of slippery massage and explored my body all over, followed by a cat bath where she licked every single inch of me from the toe to my ears and everything in between.

She spent quite some time rimming me and also some time worshiping and licking my feet (both of which were fairly new to me and quite interesting). After this, she went on and started the actual body to body sliding as I could feel her trimmed bush and lovely erect nipples rub all over my body.

She has some very interesting moves and positions that she got us into – I have no explanation of how but with the help of the Nuru magic – she was able to find amazing ways to access and rub my cock in all sorts of crazy positions.

Shiho is very skilled and I was incredibly aroused through the entire process so far. After some time of the amazing B2B, she asked me to flip and pretty much started the full process over but this time on my front side.

I really liked the standard 80-minute format that Mitu Massage has, it allows for a fairly luxurious service with lots of teasing, patience, and arousal.

Sometime during the body to body rub, she slid my cock into her mouth and started with a very nice, sloppy blowjob (though unfortunately it was neither very deep nor did it last very long). A few minutes later, she put a condom on my cock and somehow started riding me hard even with all the Nuru gel on the super slippery mattress. To my surprise, she was very nice and tight and genuinely and seemed to struggle to get me inside her.

The Sex!

About 10 minutes in, she was exhausted and I couldn’t really do much on the slippery mattress, so we decided to move onto the bed. With loads of loud moaning and screaming, we started with missionary, followed by doggy and finally finishing in Prone Bone.

Shiho has an incredible and very petite body, I really enjoyed looking at her beautiful ass in doggy style. Moreover, she has a tiny waist which was just wonderful to grab onto as you find yourself going deeper insider her.

As we both finished, exhausted – we just lay there on top of each other for some time. Finally, Shiho suggested we go back on the mattress for a massage and offered up a second shot as well which I, unfortunately, had to refuse.

She gave me a great massage for the remaining 15-20 minutes after which we both got dressed and went back down the stairs.

On my way out, I was offered some refreshments and another drink. I was also given a large iPad to add my own review and rating for Shiho.

Final Thoughts on Mitu Massage

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Mitu Massage and I think Shiho was very skilled and well suited for me. I really did enjoy my visit and would definitely like to visit more often.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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33 thoughts on “Mitu Massage Bangkok – Review

  1. Sounds awesome! Thanks. How would you compare Doki Doki vs Mitu – if a choice needs to be made? And money not the criteria?

  2. @Joe – Both the shops provide almost identical service and follow the same recipe. I would suggest you take a look at the girls available and go with the girl you like best.

  3. Great report on a well organized site. I’m sure this site will get a wide following in due time. Does Mitu have A+ girls?

  4. 5,600 baht for 80mins? That is $250! May as well stay home and get a girl for 2 hours (120mins!).

    Thailand is getting silly with prices – basically the only ones who can afford it are the Japanese and Koreans who are trying to spend all their $ in their 1 week holiday.

    1. @Testy – Well Mitu is a high end shop targeting Japanese customers. What I like about Thailand is the range of offerings – You have Snow White where you can have a girl for 2000 and then Mitu at 6000. You gotta pick what works for you I guess πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  5. Even for Japanese , 5600 bth is expensive for Mitu’s not perfect soap massage. I went there quite often three years ago. At that time it was 3300 for 80min for the same service.
    I assume their business is getting trouble and they need to raise price to manage their business. It was at opposite side (now dozo massage there ) three years ago and they had to move due to rent increase.
    At this moment , it does not pay…..

    1. @Shige – I agree on the price but I believe they are still receiving many customers. I usually go there on weekday afternoons and there are usually several people sitting in the waiting room.

  6. do u think in all soapy massage center girls will give rimjob?? pls let me know the names if u know any. i just wanted to experience rimjob pleasure. and let me know if u know any other good nuru [not soapy] massage centers….

  7. Aa someone heading to Bangkok for the first time, Its unclear to me if places that cater to Asian or Japanese will turn away a western guy? This massage location sounds great but I get the feeling I will be cock blocked ha ha.

    Cheers and great write up.

  8. Doki doki took a portion of Mitu’s business and seems as oft happens in Thailand’s P4P scene they raised prices to compensate. I haven’t used Mitu for a while, simply down to value although I have to say some of my more recent sessions at Doki Doki have not been be as good as when they first opened and I may revisit.

  9. Last night, I visited Mitu massage. I had been there previously, when they were in their original location. Mitu appears to specialize in petite girls and sexual services, which are bit more kinky (in the Japanese tradition) than mainstream massage establishments. At least, that’s the claim. Mitu uses a star-based rating system for its girls and clients are charged accordingly. Last night, I was told that the girl selected (actually, the only one available) was β€œfive star” and I had to pay 4,600 TB plus an additional 300 TB. I debated these charges, but to no avail. This charge is exhorbitant. Overall, the girl performed well…at least until the last twenty minutes, when she was massaging my back and simultaneously texting. A generally positive experience, but unreasonably expensive and nothing to justify their charges. I would not return.

    1. @Jim – Agreed, that sounds terrible. Mitu is definitely very expensive. I’ve been booking 4* girls there lately and all have them have been fantastic and cost about 3.5k.

      1. @Rich…On Wednesday (yesterday), I was skulking around Soi 26 looking for massage parlors with attractive women. On the walk back to Soi 11, I crossed to the other side of Sukhumvit and ran smack dab into Soi 33. Considering your comment about the 4* gals at Mitu, I decided to stop by just to see who was available that evening. I selected a new girl, β€œUika,” and made a 6:00 appointment. Uika is very petite (almost tiny) with dark skin, braces, a cute face and nice body. She is not only incredibly sweet, but absolutely determined to do an outstanding job…which she accomplished. Her rimming was both relentless and protracted. This was in contrast to the anemic effort from the β€œ5*” on Saturday. I finished with a CIM, which, I believe, was not expelled. Probably the best BBBJ I have ever received during the entire five-year period that I have been visiting Bangkok. I cannot recommend Uika highly enough. She was well worth every bit of the 3600 TB paid…and I got a cold coconut before leaving.

        1. @Jim – Glad you had a good time πŸ™‚ Uika sounds like a great girl, I’m definitely going to pay her a visit soon.

          I’ve always found that the “underdog” girls are much more eager to please than those considered to be the “top girls” in the shops or bars.

  10. Last night, I visited Doki Doki. What was immediately apparent, was that the ladies at DD are not only older, but larger (taller and broader) than the petite nymphs at Mitu. The three women available each hovered around 30 yro, give or take. I wasn’t thrilled by the selection, but I was tired of walking, it was hot, so I decided to stay and plant my flag (among other things). The charge was 3,500 TB for 90 minutes. Unlike Mitu, DD charges the same for all girls. During my four previous visits to Mitu, I had never seen any cellulite…DD is an entirely different matter. The lady I selected put a great deal of effort into the Nuru Massage, and I have no complaints about any aspect of the service. In fact, it was a better nuru than I had ever gotten at Mitu. There was a great deal of repeated rimming and other sexy activities. However, since physical attractiveness is very important to me, I would probably go with a 4* at Mitu in the future.

    1. Just went to Mitu and DD.. Didn’t make any reservation hence no ladies available immediately..πŸ˜‘
      I did make the effort to go through their iPad and took a look at the girls with their faces revealed.. To be honest, none of them meet my standard at all man.. I like young, small and cute girls.. Seriously none.. πŸ€ͺ.. I especially took note of girls mentioned in the thread like Helen, Haduki.. The photos just don’t look good for me.. In terms of comparison though, Mitu girls definately looks better(younger).. I am more of a agogo person and usually goes to King Castle 1 in patpong.. Many of the girls there are 18 to 22 so maybe that’s why i am more picky.. In the end, I settle down at Doki Doki and the service and Nuru is definitely great for the price.. Best Nuru massage I ever had in my life but that might change though.. I will be visiting Mitu in the next few days and do a comparison before I end my journey in Bangkok.. πŸ˜‰

      1. @Gegeblue – Thanks for the report πŸ™‚ For me – Thailand is all about different experiences – Nuru from the girl with giant tits, massage from the spinner, 18 year old freelancer and maybe even the occasional blowjob from the experienced 40 year old. I tend to not necessarily prefer one over the other but look at them all as individual experiences available in this Land of Smiles πŸ™‚

  11. both Doki doki and mitu, offer full service sex?
    are they allow DFK or Blow job no condom?
    is it really unlimited shot? lol..

  12. I used to be a regular of Mitu last year. Finally went and revisited Mitu on saturday and tried Uru… nice curvy body and great services and experience provided…. But I would have to agree with Jim Smith about the extremely high prices being paid… Uru is 5 star so I ended up paying 4600 plus the 300 upcharge since she is transitioning to a 6 star…despite the great service, I dont think I would wanna spend that much of an amount just for 80 minutes….with that price, I would rather go spend it on a hot model at the bigger places outside sukhumvit area such as Tarawadee in pattanakarn.

  13. hi
    i saw that you said they show how many babies they have had? does this mean they have had unwanted pregananices? this is one thing i am worried about? maybe i am overeacting? but does the possibilty of getting them preganant worry you?

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