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Hera’s Massage Bangkok – Review

Lemon - Hera's Massage Bangkok

Hera’s Massage is only a few years old and has recently gained in popularity, slowly becoming one of the better known massage parlors in Bangkok. The shop and style of service is modeled towards Japanese customers somewhat similar to those of Doki Doki Bangkok or Mitu Massage Bangkok.

The shop is located on Soi 33 fairly close to the 7 Heaven Blowjob Salon and Akane Massage. Its fairly easy to spot as you walk into the alley with a large board to grab your attention.

I reached out to the owner on WhatsApp and setup a 90 minute appointment in the Jacuzzi room. Based on her recommendation – I had made the booking with Lemon.

Phone: +66-64-7283956 Line: herasmassage 
Address: 12/3 Soi 33, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok Thailand
Price: 2100 Baht for 60 minutes and 2300 Baht for 90 minutes. 800 Baht extra for the VIP Jacuzzi room.


Girls: 4/5
Rooms: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Price: 5/5
Would I Repeat: 3/5
Total Rating: 3/5

The Girls at Hera’s Massage

The girls at Hera’s Massage are young and attractive. The photos on the website also seem to be accurate, besides for the usual touch-up that is expected in Thailand.

As you approach the shop, you will find some girls sitting on the porch outside that will call out to you and try to get you to come into the shop. Inside, some of the other girls will be staring into their phones around the large sitting area, waiting for customers.

As I approached the counter, the girl was aware of my booking and collected the 3100 Baht. Within a few minutes, Lemon appeared from the back, took the keys to the Jacuzzi VIP room and we were on our way.

Lemon started out bit shy, though she warmed up within a few minutes. She asked if I would like to take some pictures of her on my phone and got on to the bed to model for them. After keenly looking over each photo, she would make a small change in her pose until she was finally happy.

The Ambiance

The shop reception is one of the largest and nicest I have seen in a massage shop in Bangkok. Lots of seating space on both sides and a nice clean white lobby. You almost think you’re in a legitimate spa until you see the tiny dresses and sexy assess on the girls 🙂

The rooms are nice and clean though fairly small considering its a VIP suite. On one side of the room is a small Jacuzzi (just about enough for 2-3 people), an inflatable mattress rests against the wall next to the Jacuzzi and there is a queen sized bed on the other end with a full length mirror on the wall next to it.

The door off the room had a glass panel on it which was a bit strange. Eventually though, Lemon put my clothes on a hanger and used that to cover up the glass panel. Overall still a bit strange though.

The Nuru Experience

Lemon is a very sexy girl, she has a great body, very nice tits and a great big smile on her face. Watching her undress and jump into the Jacuzzi was definitely the highlight of my day. Once she the water was warm enough, she gestured for me to join her and gave me a thorough scrubbing.

Lemon - Hera's Massage Shop
Lemon – Hera’s Massage Shop

She starts massaging different parts of me using her body to slide all over me. Frankly though – I prefer the Nuru mattress over the Jacuzzi, but I guess you have to try everything once!

She sensually kissed my neck and body, while running her hands all over me. The body sliding in the Jacuzzi turned into a blowjob and the next think you know, we’re headed to the bed.

Once on the mattress, Lemon asked me to lay down and started giving me an oil massage. This put me off a bit honestly, you can’t really go from Blowjob to Oil Massage to Blowjob again – there needs to be an appropriate tempo to these massages!

But anyway, she gave me a mediocre massage, did some more body sliding – which was great considering how nice and big her tits are and then eventually flipped me over for another blowjob.

The Sex!

Now those that know me, know that a good blowjob is all I really need to be happy. Unfortunately this was a fairly mediocre blowjob that lasted only a minute or so before she pulled out a condom and suggested she hop on.

We started in cowgirl, then spent some time in doggy, a bit of missionary and eventually I finished in prone bone – which looks like its becoming my favorite position!

I got back on the bed and Lemon offered up a massage. A few minutes later, she tapped my shoulder and asked if I wanted a second shot. I refused. I rarely take up the second shot unless the girl provides an amazing service – Too many girls in Thailand and only that many times I can cum in a day 🙂

Final Thoughts on Hera’s Massage

I can best describe my experience at Hera’s Massage as a poor man’s Nuru Massage. It didn’t include a proper Nuru Massage – body to body slide or rimming – but all in all was a fairly average experience for a fairly decent price.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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4 thoughts on “Hera’s Massage Bangkok – Review

  1. Your reviews are really helpful. Just wanted to know that usually will they allow 2 shots for a session? And anybody provide the Anal and rimming service here?

    1. @Arasan, yes 2 shots are included. Anal and rimming are not included in their standard service. You might get lucky if you ask the mama or on line and tip a bit extra.

    1. It really depends on which girls are working that day and how busy the shop is. I would just text them on Line and WhatsApp to make a reservation.

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