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Analisa Massage Bangkok – Review

Analisa Massage Bangkok

Analisa Massage in Bangkok is located near the Asok BTS in the same lane as Duangporn’s Haven. The name it-self is a play on the words “Anal-Is-A-Massage” and as the name implies – they specialize in Prostate Massages, Dominatrix Services and all things Kinky really.

They even have an impressive library of Anal Toys that you can rent by the hour for your session.

I’ve never really enjoyed prostate massages in the past (though I’ve grown to enjoy rimming after my sessions at Doki Doki Bangkok & Mitu Massage), I decided to take one (literally!) for you guys and go book a session at Analisa.

I’ve always found Luna super-sexy, but she didn’t offer full service earlier and I don’t particularly enjoy being dominated. As soon as I heard that Luna had started offering full-service, I reached out to the manager on Line and quickly had an appointment setup with Cara and Luna for a four hand’s massage with full service.

Line: analisamassage or tantra22
Address: 6/12 Sukhumvit Rd, Near Asok BTS 10110
Price: 1 Girl - 2500 baht (60 minutes), 2800 baht (90 minutes). 2 Girls - 4400 baht (60 minutes), 4800 baht (90 minutes).

The Girls at Analisa Massage Bangkok

The photos on the website are fairly accurate (though slightly glamorized with make-up and costumes). The girls that work here or of many different sizes and types – something to meet every monger’s taste. I had a long standing crush on Luna, so she picking her was obvious. I thought Cara was very cute as well so I had my threesome.

As is fairly standard with PSE massage parlors, most of the girls are a bit older and not as attractive as the girls in the GFE places or Gogo Bars.

A few hours after landing in Bangkok, I dropped off my baggage at the Furama Xclusive Hotel in Asoke and headed out to the shop at 12 pm (they had opened a bit early specially for me).

Sitting down in the shop escaping from the Bangkok heat, I had a quick conversation with the manager. Having paid for my 90 minute full service massage, Luna and Cara walked over and introduced themselves. Luna looked the same as her photos, but she was dressed fairly plainly in a t shirt and track pants. A big let down from her sexy photos in leather. Cara was a little bit larger than her photos but still sexy in curvy sort of way.

I would have really appreciated if the girls had taken a bit of effort with make up and costumes. I’ve found this to be a common theme across many massage parlors and escort services in Bangkok & Pattaya. They often under estimate the beauty and arousal from the act of dressing up & stripping down.

The Ambiance at Analisa Massage Bangkok

As you walk into the lane, you first see a group of girls that are sitting outside of Duangporn’s Haven. Walking past, you will reach the Analisa Massage shop that looks fairly small and standard from the outside.

Walking into the shop, its well maintained and has several levels with many rooms spread across the building. The rooms themselves are fairly average and small – a glory hole massage table, a small shower cubicle and not much else.

It would have been nice if there was a larger bed (especially for a threesome) and maybe some mirrors where you can watch all the action from different perspectives.

The Massage

Luna went to get things setup while Cara led me into the shower for a scrub down. It was a fairly standard shower and nothing really sexy or interesting happened here. On the bed, both the girls stripped down and had me lie on my front. Luna used her hand to position my cock through the glory hole in the massage table.

It began with a synchronized massage starting with my feet and back. They focused on my ass with the girls taking turns to massage my cock and balls from under the table. Although it was started well, the girls chatting in Thai was a bit of a turn off.

The Prostate Massage

After a bit of a massage and lots of cock and ball play, the girls asked me if I preferred a finger or one of their toys for the prostate massage. Now, let me clarify – I am not yet a fan of prostate massages. Though, I am committed to giving them a few more tries to see if they grow on me. Like many of the strange and interesting sexual experiences I’ve enjoyed in Bangkok.

As Luna put on a glove and lubed up my asshole, Cara started getting more aggressive with the hand-job. The girls suggested we try the first shot through prostate stimulation and I agreed. However, a few seconds into it – I decided I wasn’t into it and asked them to skip the prostate massage.

The Blowjob

After the flip and the two girls started with a slight body-to-body massage and rubbing. Cara started focusing on my lower half. Luna on the other hand started rubbing her lovely tits across my body and occassionally bringing them up to my face for a taste.

A few minutes later – Cara had my cock in her mouth while Luna had her lovely tits in mine. The girls kept alternating during the blowjob but unfortunately they didn’t perform an actual two girl blowjob with co-ordination.

Oh also, at Analisa Massage they only really provide covered blowjobs (i.e. with a condom). But to be honest, both the girls were very skilled and I didn’t mind having a condom on at all.

The Sex!

Luna got on top, but the bed was too small to try too many positions. As I fucked Luna hard, Cara started kissing my neck, chest and rubbing her tits all over me.

The first shot was done and Cara started with a massage again, while Luna went away for a quick shower. Cara started talking dirty about how she was desperate for my cock to be inside her. She kept playfully attacking my cock with her mouth.

About 20 minutes into the massage, they started to blow me again. The process repeated itself but with Cara on top this time.

Just as I finished inside Cara, we had reached the 80 minute mark. I decided to head into the shower to clean up before going back to the hotel. As Cara joined me for a shower – a third red-head walked into the room to take a look – which was strange.

Walking out of the shop, I ran into another bloke excitedly walking in for his massage. We spoke for a few minutes and I gave him some recommendations before he was off to get his prostate massaged.

Final Thoughts on Analisa Massage Bangkok

Analisa Massage specializes in prostate massage and domination – both of which aren’t really my kinks yet. So unfortunately I wasn’t really able to enjoy or talk more about those services. From what I hear from fellow mongers that do indulge, their prostate and domination services are well recommend and some of the best in Bangkok.

In-terms of the full service massage, it was an average experience for me. The constant Thai chit-chat was a bit of a turn-off and the mechanical service didn’t really do much for me. If I was going to book again, I would definitely book one girl and not a 4 hands massage.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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7 thoughts on “Analisa Massage Bangkok – Review

  1. Good review but Analisa massage is not near Asok but in Soi 6 near Nana a very short walk from Kasalong.

  2. @Rich – thank you.
    I stand corrected.
    Are they under same ownership?
    The one near Soi 6 was a little hit and miss.

  3. I had a good experience of full service massage with Aoy last year. She is more chubby than her photoshopped pic on the website but gave me good service with final CIM

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