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Daisy Dream Massage Club Bangkok – Review

Girls at Daisy Dream Massage Club in Bangkok

Daisy Dream Massage Club is the newest and classiest massage shop to open in Bangkok. Intrigued by the photos and decor of the shop, I decided to drop in for a session.

Located on the infamous Soi 33. Its down the road from 7 Heaven BJ Bar, Mitu Massage & right around the corner from Hera’s Massage. The shop has a beautiful and rich decor inspired by Shanghai. It’s unlike anything you have seen or expect to find in Bangkok.

After going through their website, I spoke to their Line account to get details. They sent over some photos and I booked a threesome with Noy & Honey.

Note: They have been working hard to survive this pandemic and their shop seems to be running well with many girls available on most days.

Phone: +66-25507472 Line: @305wsyxm
Address: 12/8 Soi Sukhumvit 33 Bangkok 10110
Price: 60 Minutes: 2500 Baht (Deluxe Room) & 3500 Baht (VIP Jacuzzi Room)

The Girls at Daisy Dream Massage Club Bangkok

I visited the shop in the first few weeks since they opened. At the time, they had about 15 girls at the shop with 8 girls working each day.

The girls in the lineup were average with a mix of some older and younger girls. Some of the girls were wearing their sexy robes, which is a plus!

Based on Matt’s recommendations, I decided to book a threesome with Noy & Honey. Noy is 35 and is the right amount of crazy. Her photos are a fair bit touched-up and she does look a bit older in person. Honey, on the other hand is 25 and looks better than her photos. She did start a bit shy, though she opened up during the session. Oh also, she just got back from Korea and gives a phenomenal massage! She even cracked my spine and neck for me before I left.

On my next visit to the shop – I would consider booking Honey again, but I doubt I would book Noy since I prefer a tighter body.

The Ambiance at Daisy Dream Massage Club Bangkok

Without a doubt, this is one of the best-decorated shops I’ve seen in Thailand. As you approach the beautifully designed entrance and the big red door, you will walk into a lovely lounge area with sofas.

Once seated on the sofa, you will find the menu with the various options. A lineup will be called and you can choose the girls you like. You can even stay for a bit and have a whiskey or a beer before or after your session.

The rooms are also very nicely decorated. The VIP Jacuzzi suite has a nice little terrace with a vertical garden, a small jacuzzi, a sitting area, a bedroom, and a fairly large shower area.

The Massage

Once I made my choice, the girls grabbed either arm and walked me over to the room. A few minutes later, I’m in the little sitting area near the Jacuzzi while the girls got things ready.

Both the girls stripped down quickly (I hate when they don’t involve you in the process of taking their clothes off! Such a lost opportunity!) and took me into the shower for a quick rinse and a rub down. A bit of playing around but no shower blowjob, unfortunately.

Onto the bed, the girls had me on my front while they started a massage. It was fairly average and within a few minutes, they had me flip over and started kissing my body and rubbing their tits in my face. Finally!

Both the girls have nice small natural tits that I spent some time enjoying.

The Blowjob

The girls took turns blowing me and I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t able to do a coordinated double blowjob like Doki Doki Bangkok. One girl would be kissing my neck and chest while the other sucked my cock or devoured my balls. They continued alternating for a while but they were both really good and after about 10-15 minutes, I eventually shot my load into Honey’s beautiful little mouth.

The Jacuzzi

The girls suggested we go into the Jacuzzi for a bit to relax before the second shot. Now – If you’ve read my review of Hera’s Massage, you know that the Jacuzzi rarely turns out to be as much fun as you imagine it. But at Daisy Dream Massage Club, the Jacuzzis are fairly small and it was awkward to get the three of us in there together!

The girls attempted to do a bit of a body rub and a blowjob in the Jacuzzi. It seemed a fair bit uncomfortable for all three of us. So I finally suggested that we move back onto the bed.

To be perfectly honest – I’ve never really got the appeal of the Jacuzzi rooms for massage shops, but that being said – maybe it’s just me.

The Sex!

Back onto the bed, the girls continued with their blowjob. This time I asked Honey to suck my cock while Noy worked on the balls and it was just fantastic.

On a side note, this shop only has 60 minutes and 120 minutes as options right now, which I find a bit unusual. The booking I had was for 60 minutes which felt a fair bit rushed, while 120 minutes feels like a bit too much time. They need to add a 90 minutes session, which I think is an appropriate time for a good session at a massage shop.

A few minutes later (a bit rushed!), Honey slipped on a condom onto my cock and the girls asked me who I wanted to fuck first. I chose the younger, fitter Honey and she quickly jumped on happily and rode my cock like there was no tomorrow.

As Honey was riding me, Noy was kissing my neck and playing with my balls – which was fantastic.

We switched between Cow Girl, Doggy Style and Missionary before both of us were tired and I eventually blew my load inside Honey. Noy tried to convince me to fuck her as well, but honestly, I was spent and declined.

The girls cleaned me up and just I was heading for the shower – Honey noticed that I had a pain in my neck. She decided to crack my neck and spine and gave me an fantastic Thai massage before sending me to the shower with Noy.

Final Thoughts on Daisy Dream Massage Club Bangkok

Overall I had a great time here, though I do think there are some kinks that need to be worked out. That being said, its a fairly new shop and I see a lot of potential here.

The shop is beautiful, the rooms are spacious and well decorated and the girls seem to have a great attitude. I would also like to see more PSE services like rimming or anal being offered if they intend to compete with Cherry Massage or Snow-White Bangkok.

That being said, I would definitely visit again, though this time I probably would only book a single girl for a 60 or 90 minute session.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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32 thoughts on “Daisy Dream Massage Club Bangkok – Review

  1. I visited this place 2 days ago following your first post about it on your FB page. I had the same impression regarding the decoration: it looks like nowhere else in Bangkok. They really paid attention to the interior design. I was lucky enough to get at least 20 girls lined up in front of me. Most of them were desirable. The French manager told me they hired a lot of chicks during the past 3 days. I went with Sky for a nice 1h session in a deluxe shower room (2,500 baht). Both her face and body were very attractive. She gave me regular full body massage service with a delightful smile the entire time. I really enjoyed her and planning to go back to see her soon. Maybe outside the place if possible since i got her LINE id before leaving the club ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think this new massage place will be very successful in a near future. Has a lot of potential. Enjoy guys!

  2. Hello admin from what I gathered you always go for unprotected bj. How safe is it?
    Does the parlour advise girls are tested for STD like in devil den Pattaya?

    1. @Joe – very debatable topic and most forums and line groups have guys raging on either end of that argument. I think everyone draws their own risk boundaries and for me it’s BBBJ but no BBFS.

      There are definitely risks but in my opinion they’re fairly low. I know a few guys who have caught things over the years but usually easily treatable these days.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for making this awesome website.

    1- how far this from the airport?
    2- what precautions should be taken by a 1st timer.. like passport should be kept in the hotel? Or with you at all times? Safe to carry along at massage parlours?

    I am landing in the morning and flight in the evening, so can i visit mitu/doki/daisy in between.. is there enough time?

    1. 1. About an hour.
      2. Your bags are in the room with you so I wouldn’t worry about them. I usually leave my passport in the safe but make sure to carry a copy of your passport at all times.

  4. Thanks for the review! Gets me excited to try this place out.
    Quick question though if anyone is able to answer/share, how much do the 90min session cost? Don’t feel like bothering them via Line just to ask ab prices

  5. Thank for the review Rich. Just got done visiting this place. Betty has an amazing tiny body with nice tits. I kept going at it for the full 60 mins in their deluxe room. When she got on top for 69, I was tempted to go digging for clams, but I didnโ€™t. Beauty lies between the thighs. Anyways, the girl was amazing and great attitude. The place has nice shower and decor inside. A lot of the other ladies were beautiful. Was well worth the 2500 baht. Iโ€™m already thinking about going back lol.

    By the way, whatโ€™s a good tipping amount? I had to wing it since I didnโ€™t really know.

  6. So for the price of 2500 bhat for the normal massage, that includes the unlimited fucking? and when does the massaging end and the sex begin? Im scared about using the whole hour on just the massage

  7. Hi
    I am regular customer of Daisy Dream
    Been there 10 times
    And tried many girls
    Here are my thought
    Service and girls are excellent and out of the world Pornstars
    Decor is best in bangkok
    U feel going to some other era
    Worth every penny
    Daisy makes u happy

      1. @Aniq – Most shops test the girls at some frequency, but considering the number of John’s they are with every day, its always a bit of a roll of the dice.

  8. I visited them last week and booked Nisha, who was 22 yrs old for a nuru massage. She was sweet and quite giggly most times.

    Most important of all, she was very clean and smelt really nice. First she gives you a bath and then both of us used a mouthwash before the nuru massage and the amazing sex that followed.
    Only problem was that she couldn’t understand English very well, but that turned sexy later as we communicated in sign languages. She’s a sweet, young girl and I totally recommend if you’re into that. Also, their room is very decorative and adds a great feel to the overall experience. Am going back once more atleast in my visit in Bangkok.

    1. I visited here last weekend.
      I booked NESZA for nuru massage.
      She was cute and sexy.

      She speaks Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
      I told you what I wanted.
      She did it all.

      Don’t worry, book NESZA.
      She will take everyone to heaven.

  9. Daisydream you where awsome.. would come back again to visit.. just loved it.. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸปLoved the service.. it ws excellent..

  10. Recently visited the place and chose a girl named Nesza. Very sweet girl and ready to please and pleasing to the eyes. She has very big firm tits if you’re into that. We first took a bath and she cleaned every part of my body. After she dried me, I laid down for a massage. Her hands were very soft and the massage was good, then she had me turn over. Her english was limited but she understood what I asked her to do and she started to give me a BJ and later she put on a condom and rode me. Her big tits were in my face as she rode and it was the best experience ever. After I shot, she cleaned me up and I went my merry way. I would recommend coming here again.

  11. I visited Daisy Dreams yesterday and agree with all the positive comments on here. A beautiful venue and really professionally run. I went with Betty, and she was an absolute delight. Friendly, beautiful, great English, and sexy as hell. I had my first nuru massage, one hour. Recommended if you’ve never had one. To clarify other comments, it’s one shot if you book 60 mins, 2 shots if you book 90. I was able to pretty much decide when I came, so left it until about 40 mins in. The attention didn’t stop then though. After a shower, Betty gave me a some more massage and I continued to enjoy her company. Thoroughly recommended, and I’ll definitely go back in future.

  12. I visited Daisy dreams twice. And everytime it was wonderfull. The girls try to make you happy. The massage is great and the sex is better than in a porn. I fuck with the girls in all different positions.

    I will visit this place when I come back to Bangkok

  13. Visited this massage club yesterday. Booked my session with two stunning girls: Sky and Yui in Line (would recommend to do the booking if you want to meet certain girls at a certain time). Booked for 2 hours, but have to extend for 1 more hour because it is never enough time with such beauties. Overall: the service was great, girls are 10/10, the interior is 10/10. Would recommend ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Went there yesterday. It would be smart to add them on LINE. You get access to the menu, pricing and girls working that day ( updated daily ).
      I booked Nana for a 40 minute session. Probably in her early to mid 20s. Covered in tattoos. We went for a shower, on the bed for a light massage, got a bbbj and then got covered up with a condom and just like that she was on me :). Normally cowgirl position is not for me, but she was gooood at it.
      I will be back, I will probably book her again, but this time 2 hours.

  14. This was my 7th time at Daisy Dreams… last 6 times I visited in 2020 and I must say that the place and service is excellent… very classy lounge, rooms and hosts… every girl is different so I won’t comment on that, but I had a great time with Pink… In Bangkok Daisy Dreams is my trusted place to go

    1. @Aniq – Most shops test the girls at some frequency, but considering the number of John’s they are with every day, its always a bit of a roll of the dice.

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