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Haduki at Mitu Massage Bangkok – Review

Mitu Massage Bangkok - Girls

Note: Mitu Massage has changed ownership and rebranded to Mitu Soap. The review as such may be irrelevant since the service and girls may have changed. I recommend trying Doki Doki Massage or Kokoro Massage in Bangkok instead.

Mitu Massage is one of the most popular Japanese style Nuru Massage Shops in Bangkok. Although I have previously reviewed the shop, this particular review is for Haduki at Mitu Massage in Bangkok.

As with most massage shops, experiences vary vastly based on the girl, her mood, the position of the sun, etc. We’ve already done a detailed review of my experience with Shiho at Mitu Massage. However, this post focuses on my fairly unique session with 21 year old Haduki.

Phone: +66 95 851 0672
Address: 12/22 Sukhumvit Soi 33 Klongtan-Nua, Bangkok
Price: 80 minutes – 6 * Girl – 5600 baht, 5 * Girl – 4600 baht, 4 * Girl – 3600 baht

Meeting Haduki at Mitu Massage

As I sipped on my energy drink, the host came by and let me know that Haduki was ready. Walking past the curtains, I saw an absolutely perfect spinner body. Tiny tits, a small waist and a big smile. She did have a bit too much make up on, but I guess you can’t have everything!

Striptease and Blowjob

Like most girls at Mitu Massage, she was wearing some sexy lingerie. She grabbed me by the hand and lead me up the stairs to the fourth floor. I wasn’t really complaining though since she had her sexy ass on display for me.

Once in the room – Haduki was completely different from my past experiences in Mitu Massage. Once settled in, she came and took my clothes off. She then turned around and did a sexy striptease eventually asking me to help take her tiny thong off.

Haduki Mitu Massage Nuru Bangkok
Haduki Mitu Massage Nuru Bangkok

Now – if you’ve read my original review of Mitu Massage – At this point – I would had a quick shower followed by a Nuru Massage on the mattress. Instead, Haduki started kissing me all over, putting her tits in my face and started working her way down to my cock for a fantastic blow job.

A few minutes later, we were in 69 – two fingers deep insider her wet, tiny pussy and my thumb up her ass. At the same time, she was going at my cock like it was the last cock she would ever blow.

The room in Mitu also had mirrors lining the bed which I particularly enjoyed during this session.

After about 10-15 minutes, she decided it was time I fucked her and who I was I to object? She rolled on the condom with her mouth and positioned my cock into her tight, wet pussy we were off to the races.

The Sex!

After starting in missionary, we switched to cowgirl, doggy style and I eventually finished inside her in prone bone (followers of the blog most know this is my favorite position).

We laid there for some time entangled in each other as the sweaty heat radiated in the room. Eventually we both got up and finally walked over to get a shower together.

This was followed by the standard Nuru Massage – which was much better with Shiho. Especially considering that Haduki did not perform any rimming, which I was really looking forward to.

Another round of BBBJ on the mattress and this time I finished inside inside her mouth; which she took like a champ.

Final Thoughts on Haduki at Mitu Massage

Although I didn’t enjoy this experience as much as I enjoyed my earlier experience with Shiho at Mitu Massage. I certainly did enjoy the bit of spontaneity and initiative with young Haduki.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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12 thoughts on “Haduki at Mitu Massage Bangkok – Review

  1. So I decided to try her out based on your review. I think I got the same girl. Did she have braces? Mine did. Playbook was about the same. Sex before shower and Nuru. Not quite as enthusiastic as your session but good. I did not get a second shot though. I was waiting for it but she just lay beside me and I thought it was going to build up to a second round but time up. It was busy and maybe my fault. Sex on the Nuru pad is not easy either. Oh well not a repeat for me.

    1. @Jason – I’m not sure about the braces to be honest, wasn’t exactly the part of her I was focusing on 5555.

      I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt with Thai girls is that you need to drive things and move things in the direction you want. Waiting will mostly get you no where since most of them are happy to take a sit back and run out the clock.

  2. I don’t understand the pricing on this one Are you saying to get 4 girls together is 3600..?? πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. @Jerry – each girl is given a star rating and the price varies accordingly. For a 80 minute session with 1 girl – a 4 star girl costs 3600 baht, a 5 star girl is 4600 baht and a 5 star girl is 5600 baht.

  3. Thanks to reading your other review a few hours I decided to POP into Doki Doki O.M.G. …. thank u thank u I picked Mali..21 and gorgeous darker Small perky tits Wowww If was fantastic πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. @Jerry – Glad you had a good time πŸ™‚ Doki Doki seems to be a fairly consistent shop that most people seem to enjoy!

    1. @Kory – Their website is online but the Mamasaan mentioned to me that they cannot update it anymore. I assume it’s some internal conflict with the web developers.

  4. Well, firstly, on behalf of everyone that has viewed this site, thanks for the in depth reviews of the places to visit and what to expect. I’ve been out in Asia for a few years now, I frequent Bangkok every year or so, maybe 3/4 visits in total. I’ve always had a mixed bag of experiences here, usually more towards the bad. Falling into rookie mistakes that you mention, like the 11 out of 10 girl in the gogo doing the Bangkok shuffle, the girls who are overly keen in the bar and then a sack of spuds once you’re at the hotel, blowjob from a suspected ladyboy, I’ve had it all! hahaha

    My last visit however, I found a gem of a place “7heaven” which I think is what brought me here when I was Googling to make sure it was still open. I’ve read a few of the other sites like redcat and jakarta1000bars and they’re not that helpful, very generic and not specific to the places they’re talking about. So since you helped me, let me return the favour for some of the people reading.

    I don’t usually write comments on stuff like this, but you made my time in BKK this time around 100 times better than usual, don’t get me wrong, I love Thai food and Muay Thai, so it’s never THAT bad, but you know what I mean… This is more a weekend review based on your work!

    Day 1:
    So, I started off early, took a trip to Doki Doki, never managed to experience a proper nuru massage before, any other place is always just a B2B. Also, having visited Japan, I thought I might do well there, but many services are for Japanese only πŸ™ Anyway, I digress, Doki Doki, I went around 11am I think, no booking and had a 90 minute session with DaDa. Spinner body, nice ass, perky tits, I’m not a fake tits kinda guy. The nuru massage is what you described in your Doki Doki review, up until that point, it was the best massage I had experienced. Only downside is the BBBJ was very short, but everything else made up for that in abundance.

    After the massage I went down to Stumble in outside Nana, had a few drinks, got some food and watched some football. I don’t usually call girls to my table, because I can’t speak Thai and if they can’t speak English it’s just kind of awkward. But usually someone comes over and says hi, spent some time with one of the girls at the bar, played some pool, everyone was super friendly and because they’re not trying to get bar fined it’s just much more relaxed.

    Once the Sun came down, I took a trip into the plaza, now, I have had some bad times in Nana, most of my rookie errors have taken place in there, so I’m always a bit cautious. But one thing that you can usually count on is a lot of girls in Twistys, and good shows in Spanky’s and Angelwitch. This time, started off in Spanky’s for a familiar feel, I usually think I’m going for drinks, not to take anyone home. I much prefer the massage experience, because of the teasing and more along the lines of GFE, if it’s not GFE and just mechanical, I don’t enjoy it at all. Spanky’s was a good atmosphere, but there was a stag do in town literally throwing money onto the stage so most of the girls were pre-occupied over there so I finished my drink and moved to Angelwitch. To my surprise, there were quite a few 10s in the bar, but remembering the mistakes of my previous visits, kept my composure and didn’t invite anyone over. Eventually there was a girl, I forget her name, she was Thai, but had more Arabic features, same again, tiny spinner perky tits, great ass. I’m kinda predictable, huh? Probably about a 7/8 really good dancer on the stage, that’s the only reason I brought her over. Had a few drinks, bar fines are always expensive for the go go’s so I’m always thinking about not doing it. But it was 900, and then for short time with her 2,500. This was also great, English not the best, but she understood how to give a great BBBJ and good fuck. She left and I lay exhausted from the days activities…

    Day 2:
    So, after my positive experience from Doki Doki, I decided to head down to Mitu, I think around 15:00. I had seen online quite a few people not happy with the price etc here but based on your review I had to try it. So I took a 5 star girl Uika for their standard 80 minute session, 4600. She was an absolute dream, spinner body (you can guess by now) her photos did not do her justice at all. Everything about this service is what I was looking for, like I said I always prefer GFE, so I guess when I meet girls for something like this, I try to give them a BFE? haha Treat them with respect, try and make sure they all have a good time, same as a real gf, if you satisfy her well, everything else is much easier. Something that was great about this girl is her level of English, she said she had just graduated law and had also spent some time studying in the U.S, Texas to be precise and was working to pay for her masters. Obviously, they always say something like that, but due to her level of English and after discussing her studies and the States (having been there myself) it was clear that she seemed legit. This was probably the best experience I had on this trip, but as always, it’s dependent on the girl, I’m lucky at the moment, I’m early 30’s still in good shape so it’s not too hard for the girl to be in the moment with you. The massage was as you described, although I helped her undress a little, the BBBJ was muuuuuuch better than at Doki, but again, I think that’s just due to the chemistry you’re able the have with the girl etc And after a great session, finished in her mouth, we even overran time, but she didn’t seem to be concerned.

    In the evening I ventured down to Soi Cowboy, now, I’ve always been a little confused by Cowboy, perhaps someone here can help me, there never seems to be much going on down there, like shows or anything. But since everyone raves about it, I did take a trip the Baccara, I don’t understand the good times people have there. It was two levels of girls, but it was two levels of girls doing the Bangkok shuffle so I’m very skeptical with that after previous experiences. Maybe once you take them home they’re a bit more lively?

    Anyway, I swiftly left Baccara and I went to the live music bar I saw earlier, I think it’s called country road? I really enjoyed the music here, one really good band and the others were good too. No intention of taking any girl home here, just chill out, but as is the norm, eventually some girls find a way to join you. I bought a few drinks and then politely said that was enough for now, one came back very persistent. Attractive girl, but I didn’t realise you barfine from that place, she started asking about going back. I said no because she looked like the type of girl who is going to be mechanical (not in those words obviously haha) and I didn’t want her to come back because she would probably not enjoy with me. As you can guess, two things happened, 1 barfine, 2 disaster, exactly what I thought, so nothing really happened and I sent her on her way… Rookies still gonna rook!

    Day 3:
    Licking my wounds from the previous evening experience, I decided to go back to Mitu, this time I booked by whatsapp, my intention was a duo nuru with Uika from the previous day and one of the other girls that caught my eye that day. However, unfortunately, I guess she needed a day off after that πŸ˜‰ So she wasn’t working, but a couple of the girls I noticed yesterday and HADUKI was available. Based on your review, I took a duo Nuru, 2 hours with Haduki and Kaori, this was not cheap! But, after the night before, I wanted to wash the bad taste out of my mouth and what better way to do it? So the two hour set up, is you have 40mins with one girl, 40mins with both and 40mins with the second girl (A+B). You mentioned Haduki was a little unorthodox, so I picked her to be second so the first part of the session would be with Kaori, and the second would be Haduki. This was an amazing experience, Kaori’s English was non-existent, but so is my Thai, so I can’t complain too much. She was really attentive and smiley/giggly, there might not have been much communication but everything was lovely. Started with a shower, clean up and some fun on the bed, which had a mirror – nice touch! I don’t like to finish more than once because the second is never as good! So BBBJ, sex and then there’s a knock at the door. Haduki came in, didn’t say hi when she entered, which was a little strange but she went about having a shower, I then joined her with Kaori, they both washed me. A nice introduction, they then prepared the nuru massage, amazing. You weren’t lying about Haduki, I think she really believes she’s never going to suck another cock, she spent most of her time during the nuru taking care of that, while Kaori had the more traditional nuru approach, but combined, perfect! Kaori then left the massage, with just Haduki, after some extensive BBBJ we moved onto sex, I found moving around on the inflatable bed, surprisingly OK, I was expecting to slip n’ slide all over the place, easier than I thought with all of my nuru experiences this trip. Haduki’s alarm then went off, remembering I had overrun time the day before I thought I would finish up so she didn’t get in trouble, CIM, shower together and when we were finished, there was still 20 minutes left. I’m no stranger to happy ending massage, but as I say, nuru is new to me, and with 20minutes left, she didn’t usher me out the door like a lot of places would, she carried on with BBBJ while finishing the session. One thing to note, Haduki has THE BEST ASS I’ve seen in a long time, she either squats all day in between customers or she’s just really lucky, or we’re lucky? haha If budget is no issue, I don’t see why you would ever leave Mitu!

    Overall, this trip was fantastic, largely due to the recommendations on this site, so I just thought you would appreciate some real time feedback. Keep up the good work and I’ll check in on my next trip, it’s not over though, I have one more night left, but I don’t know if I can go anymore! Maybe just a trip to 7 heaven since I haven’t made it there yet…

    1. Awesome John! Appreciate the feedback and glad you had a good time πŸ™‚ This is exactly why I don’t take any sponsorships on this website, it allows me to write real reviews with no bias πŸ™‚

      If you do update last day experience, I would love to turn this comment into a Guest Trip Report on the website for all to read πŸ™‚

      1. You can do that if it’s something you can use 😊

        Final part of day 3, after the duo nuru and a sufficient amount of recovery time, I did eventually decide to head down to 7heaven. I visited previously before the new building and refurb, it is much nicer than the last place! So I went down about 21:00, there were 4-5 girls available. I took Lin, very pretty face and my usual body type; blowjob in the mirror room 1500. Lin was an interesting girl, probably one of the stranger ones I met on the trip. Her English ability was OK, at all times when my cock wasn’t in her mouth she was muttering to herself in Thai. Seemed to be a little all over the place, I got the translate app out and she seemed to just keep muttering “this is cute” (from google translate). Nothing wrong with that, just a little… odd. All that being said, it didn’t stop her giving an amazing blowjob. I was finished in about 30mins, which, if you talk to any of my ex gfs, rarely happens haha So you know it was good! She was topless with a very short, wavy skirt. She had no issues with me playing with her, I could have probably taken her panties down, but felt a little too hairy for me to get involved with that. Overall, Lin was great; friendly, chirpy and great service.

        Oh yeah, worth mentioning, at both of my nuru sessions, I did enquire about anal with all 3 girls at different stages of the massages. Since they were fine with a finger or thumb, but they politely declined πŸ˜‚ and of course, tip the girls!

        And that concludes this trip 😴 I imagine I’ll be back again sometime in the next year or so. Hopefully with some new recommendations to check out 😊 I toyed with the idea of Pattaya, I’ve never been but I’m not sure if Pattaya would be a little too seedy for me hahaha

        What’s your opinion on Bangkok vs Pattaya?

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