Tantra A Gogo Pattaya on Walking Street – Review

Tantra A Gogo is a small, long bar located in the heart of Walking Street in Pattaya. My personal experience was fairly unpleasant due to unprofessional staff and bad management. That being said, I’ll try to remain as objective as possible in the review.

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/TantraPattaya/ 
Address:  Soi 15, Walking Street

Prices at Tantra A Gogo in Pattaya

Bar Fine: 1500 baht (1000 baht after midnight)
Lady Drink: 165 baht (Model Drink - 200)
Beer: 150 baht
Tequila: 180 baht
Short time: 2-3k baht
Long time: 4-5k baht


Girls: 3/5
Dancing: 2/5
Debauchery: 1/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 0/5
Total Rating: 2/5

The Girls at Tantra A Gogo in Pattaya

Tantra is a long thin bar with several tiny stages (enough for 2-3 girls) going down a line through the middle of the bar. In-total there are about 15 girls in the bar at any given point of time with half of them dressed in Black Lingerie with the other half in School Girl Outfits with tiny skirts.

I did notice a couple spinners on the stage that seemed like a lot they were having a lot of fun dancing, but most of the other girls were fairly average.

The Staff

The wait staff and managers here are fairly rude, racist and pushy towards buying drinks and finishing your own drink. They definitely do hurt your overall experience at the bar.

On my last visit to Tantra A Gogo in Pattaya, I had a fairly unpleasant experience with pushy waitresses. They were trying to rush the girl I was with to go join another customer, even though I was already buying her drinks. Of course this sort of incident happens all the time in Thailand and usually, it is just time to finish your drink and head to another bar.

The Ambiance

The bar is fairly narrow but long with small stages spread lining the center of the bar. The music in the bar is usually excessively loud making it fairly uncomfortable to spend any extended time in the bar.

Final Thoughts on Tantra A Gogo in Pattaya

Tantra A Gogo in Pattaya has some cute spinners and I would definitely drop by once in a while if I’m looking to pick up an expensive spinner. That being said, this is definitely not a bar I would visit for a drink or a good time.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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    • @Hank – Typically long time is one shot at night, and one shot in the morning. If you get both shots at night, the girl may or may not stay depending on chemistry, whether she has other plans or a baby etc.

      I rarely do LT anymore, once I’m done – I want to be left alone 🙂

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